Damarques Johnson shares horrific story from his childhood:

F*** you for what you did to my family

Always interesting to hear about a fighter's background.  Johnson opens up about his upbringing in this interview, but be forewarned- it's not for the faint of heart:

Can you look back at your life/childhood and pick out something the would create and shape you as a person you are today? Ever thought to write about it? I had this happen to me as i sat on my best friends couch watching "Shameless" at my best friends house. This is the story of one brick in the mountainous foundation of me. Growing up the oldest boy of my three person, single mother home. Its Nappy (my little sister) Moms and myself. An occasional boyfriend of moms would make a cameo appearance but under the guise of the strong, independent woman my mom lived the boyfriends were never mainstays in what i considered my family structure. Moms was a career member of the active duty Utah National Guard. Now with the military being moms path of choice days started early, right around the 6 o'clock for me, which was never really a problem for me being an early morning kid to this day.

My eyes open, and i roll off the couch rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, attempting to turn on our old TV in the dark. The TV illuminates the room enabling me to find the kitchen, so i may fumble my way through a comical jigsaw puzzle of the last bit of milk, cereal, bowl, leaving me to hunt a spoon down to complete the balance breakfast of a 10 year old. Heavy foot steps thump across my moms bedroom floor above the kitchen of shoddy duplex we call home. I must have woke up early cause Underdog, Rocky n Bullwinkle, and Mr Magoo reruns on . Pay dirt, found a suspect spoon in the bottom of sink, running hot water over it to melt any type of germ that may reside. As the water runs i notice that the water pressure is a little weak; moms must be in the shower. Yep, woke up real early, must be closer to 5 than 6. If moms is in the shower, then that would make the extra foot steps Mikes. Mike was moms man. I never really took the men that infiltrated our family circle all that well considering the passing of my pops a few years prior. Mike was no different. Just a guy that hangs out with mom.
The foot steps have quickened, resembling the wrestling matches that would occur between Nappy and I prompting moms to threaten our very lives. The hysterical uncontrollable  laughing that occurs only when something truly funny is going on can be herd, while fighting the early morning haze in my brain, munching on cereal and watching Underdog. Nappy must have done something truly hilarious, and playing with Mike cause the wrestling and noise going was at strangely high level considering it was the morning. Curiosity  had gotten the best of me enticing me to abandon my cereal and Underdog and go up stairs to see what Nappy and Mike were doing that was so fun.
I make my way up the stairs curiously preparing to be involved in some kind of epic tickle fight and wrestling match. As i crept up the stairs, and got closer and closer to my moms room Nappy pops her head out of her room. "Bubba?"  Shocked and confused i was asked her "What are you doing?" clearly she was not the one wrestling or being tickled at all. Judging by the height of uncombed ethnic hair she just got out of bed. Volkswagen sized butterflies begin to circle at nascar speeds in my little stomach. "Go back to your room, i will see what it is." As her 5 year old afro bops her way back into her room, I realize the screams that first appeared uncontrolled laughter may be something else. I  unsteadily creep my way to the bathroom door something feels wrong. "Mom?"  in the unsure, but curious voice. I can still hear what appears to be wrestling, Then i hear it. Setting off internal alarms inside of every fiber of my body. What i thought was the screams of laughter where in fact the polar opposite "STOP!" "NO DONT" "PLEASE STOP"Instinct set in i opened the door to bathroom.
The shower curtain and rod had been ripped off the wall, a pungent oder spills out causing my nose to burn and eyes to water. In my rush to open the door in our small bathroom i startled both mike and my mother. Moms was naked crouched down in the corner of the tub, face bloodied and eyes swollen. My body brain swelled with fear unable to process what was happening leaving the enormous amount of adrenalin coursing through my 10 year old frame, i hurled myself into the back of Mike and then i ran. I bolted my way to the phone to call 911. In my feeble attempt to save my mom i had attracted the attention of the beast, who then followed me to the my moms bedroom where i had reached the phone but was flung on to her bed landing between the wall and mattress loosing the phone. While Mike had followed me to prevent me from getting the phone, my mom had ran out the house naked, bloody, and swollen hysterically crying. The keys to car where taken along with all the phones in the house. Leaving Nappy and I crying on my moms bed. While we sat on her bed crying not not knowing. Not knowing where my mom was, if she was ok. Not knowing if Mike was going to come back, and if he did come back what was going to happen. Eventually the Police showed up, followed by my aunt Kay, who took Nappy, and for some reason insisted i go to school. i numbly walked to school. Farnsworth Elementary school, Mr Taylor 5th grade. I remember the quiet. I remember the quiet as i made my trek to school that day. I arrived to school early and put my head on the desk and still surrounded by quiet. As i mistakenly dozed off but was awakened by a picture of the what i witnessed in the bathroom, and the smell was in my skin. The visual shot me out of my seat and i began to sob uncontrollably. I was escorted home by the police and handed off to some family friends. As it turns out Mike had attempted to make my mom drink some industrial cleaner that  burnt away a couple layers of her skin on her face, swollen both of her eyes which the chemicals also burned, and we were not allowed to see her. We moved out that house and changed schools, and life went on eventually. He ended being caught and serving time, but was released.   Like some God like paradox, of a cheerful parable he is telling. i have to thank him. I learned the kind mettle that lives in me. In real way i hate this man with every fiber of my body to the point it keeps me up at night lately, and in the same twisted breath have to thank him. So thank you for showing me the spirit, love and person inside of me at the tender age of 10, and because of this day i know. I know that i can weather the storm of unfortunate events that, still maintain smile. Its a gift that God instilled in me and you galvanized.
On behalf of the woman you killed and her family who is still alive. Fuck you, if you did do it. Fuck youOffender Number: 2889
DOB: Mon, 11 Jun 1945
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight: 205
Sex: M

if you didnt commit that crime, Fuck you for what you did to my family
You dont deserve a place in mental space amidst my dreams and aspirations. So consider this a purging of spirit and repressed emotion.


Emphasis mine.

Picture of the sonuvabitch:



Serious personal demons here.  DaMarques is an exciting fighter and I wish him well in the future.

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