From one BE member to another...

I need some help! (No, not money)

Hey guys, before you click away from this fanpost, just read a few lines at least  and let me know if you have any feedback. 

I'm a student in college, taking business management.  In my International Marketing course, we are supposed to take a company that is based in North America, and come up with a complete overview and business plan for how that company would move to a foreign market.  For me, this was a no-brainer: UFC in Japan.

Instantly, my mind began racing with exciting possibilities: breaking down  DREAM, DEEP, Shooto, SRC, and even K-1 as competitors within Japan; going over the 2007 collapse of Pride, and the Yakuza's involvement; tailor-made UFC Japanese superstars like Akiyama, Yamamoto, and Okami; no regulatory bodies to win over; fans who are already incredibly knowledgeable about the sport; but mostly, the huge pre-established MMA market in Japan.

Then came the realization that I will need cold, hard numbers to back up any of my arguments, and that I have no idea where to find such stats.  I'm hoping this is where you guys can throw me a bone.  I would be looking for stats like Japanese TV ratings for MMA events in the last few years (say, post-2004) as well as numbers like attendance for MMA events as well as live gate revenues. 

I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction.  Really though, any help or advice is welcome.  Also, there have been a few fantastic write-ups about the decline MMA in Japan on Bloody Elbow, but I don't know how to access these short of sifting through archived articles.

Needless to say, I will be posting the finished product on Bloody Elbow.  Any help or advice you guys can give would be greatly, greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance fellow BE'ers. 

If you want to ask me about anything, or have something to share, email me at


PS-Luke and Nate, I know you've seen this before, but any advice would be fantastic.


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