What's up with MMA Rankings?

There are many websites that produce MMA rankings such as bloody elbow, fight magazine, mma weekly, and ofcourse I will choose to pick on the latter simply because it is the most quoted and relevant website to the bigger media outlets such as Yahoo sports, Fox sports, and ESPN and reaches out to the more casual fan. For example each time one of these media outlets mentions a fight or news about a fighter they will say something along these lines "and now joining us on our boroadcast is Gray Maynard's #3 ranked lightweight in the world". 

 It is no secret that any fighter who is not fighting in the UFC clearly does not get the hype, attention, or respect he truely deserves. This was clearly the case with the release of the new MMA rankings. The big change comes after yet another upset loss for the great Fedor Emelianenko (the last fighter to be ranked #1 in his respective division who was not a UFC champion before his first upset loss ofcourse) by none other than Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva. Fedor spiraled down to a mediocore #8 on sherdog's top ten list of heavy weights, and as for Antonio Silva a flimsy jump from #10 to #7. Silva who is clearly not the most decorated fighter, but  has a 16-2 record with wins over and underratted light heavywight Mike Kyle, and a fast fading former UFC champion Andre Arlovski, and now Fedor (who many consider the greatest heavyweight of all time) is still not getting any respect. Yet, Brock Lesnar (5-2) is ranked #2 behind ofcourse UFC heavy weight champion Cain Velasquez! Any argument in favor of Lesnar being # 2 is as assenin as saying that if Herschel Walker would of beaten Fedor Emelianenko before his loss to Werdum with a 3-0 record he would be the #1 ranked heavyweight in the world! How would that have looked? Exactly that argument is borderline retarded! Even though this alone baffles me, this is not the whole point to my argument.

Beleive me there are many gripes that can be statistically proven wrong on alot of these MMA rankings, but that would be a whole lot of writing. What bothered me most was Fedor's fall down to # 8, and aside from that only moving Antonio Silva up to #7. The problem I have with this is there have been two other fighters within the last year alone who were ranked #1 and have had back to back losses one which is considered a legend of the sport and the other a breaktrough rising star. Both Lloyoto Machida and B. J. Penn had two consecutive losses and both of them are ranked #4 in those divisions, and what's even more ridiculous is B.J. Penn does not even fight at lightweight any more.

Now in Machida's case he did loose to the former #1 ranked lightweight in the world Mauricio Rua who is the current #1 and had a close desicion loss to Rampage Jackson #3, but that is still back to back losses which have even ignited Dana White to speculate about a possible release should he lose again.

In B.J. Penn's case he lost to  Frankie Edgar who was #7, and somehow became the new #1 with B. J. slipping to # 2. Then the second loss came and B.J. fell down to #4. So this case is similar to Fedor's current standing, and yet Fedor got totally screwed over! My opinion because he does not fight in the UFC!

At the end of the day advertisement and perception play a much larger role than talent and skills, when these writers come up with these rankings. A sad statment to make about this new ever-evlolving sport. What I mean by that is that everyone looks at the UFC as the best promotion with the best fighters similar to the way a pre adolescent child is overtaken by the media machine that is Mcdonald's and overlooks all these other smaller equally as good (sometimes better) places! It all happens at the unconcious level ofcourse which is why most of you will deny it.

To prove my point and to prove that I am not just UFC bashing here(i'm sure it seems that way), Sergei Karithonov who was a relatively good pride star, and was virtually dwindling away in obscurity these past few years has now all of a sudden popped up in MMA weekly's ranking at a stellar # 10, and #11 for fight magazine after being non existing in rankings that rank their fighters up to #25. Now he has been exposed to the North American audience for the first time in Strikeforce's heavy weight World Grand Prix tournament, and here comes the in the moment hype! Wow!! I would of believed a win over Andre Arlovski wouldv'e propelled you into MMA stardom maybe before the Brett Rogers fight, but now it seems like the UFC version of everyone who knocks out Chuck Lidell is title worthy! Yeah Ok!!

 I am not saying  that the UFC is not the best promotion in the world! I know it is especially economically! But some of these fighters outside the UFC are clearly just as good as the Upper echelon fighters in the UFC, and I know some of you know that, but these dim-witted rankings would never let you believe it!!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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