Fedor at 205?

Man, I can just hear those gaskets blowing already... But, if you can, suspend your rage and for just a moment and hear me out.

 After I make you see how cool it would be to see him at 205 I'm going to tell you why he is far from done, and shame, SHAME on all of you saying he should hang 'em up. (shame!)

Follow me, if you will, down a path of indulgent fanboyism. But first, a disclaimer:

I understand a large part Fedor's apeal to the hardcore fan is the fact he takes on opponents much larger than him and hence the awesomeness of him always coming out on top, no matter the freakish size of his opponents melon. I also understand his propensity for dual weilding ice cream into his pie hole; this only adds to his coolness. This pudgy little dude is the (former) best fighter in the world? Crazy. This guy is considered to be the baddest mofo on the planet and he looks like me when he has his shirt off.

But what if he didn't?

Imagine a world where Fedor could just say "niet" to his double dipped chocominty mistress. Where he could look past his Stalinesque pride and see the reality of his frame lurking underneath all those minty cones. A world where the cold war never happened and the U.S.S.R. never scoffed at the capatalist pigdog Americans and their silly weight cutting techniques. A world where Fedor understood and embraced the concept that a warrior should only carry servicable mass with him into battle...

At 5% body fat I have no doubt Fedor could make 205, if not 185 with a good old fashioned collegiate water cut. And then guess what happens? Since he swallowed his Pride (BOOM!) already and cut the weight becoming a UFC employee becomes a much less bitter pill as well.

That's right bitches. Fedor in the UFC at 205. You wouldn't want to see him fight Rampage? Shogun? Bones? Need I say more? Well, I'm gonna. Machida? Lil Nog? Freaky ass Vemola? SILVA!?? Hell, even if he stays with Strikeforce who wouldn't want to see Hendo's Greco vs the best Sambo in the world? Steamroll Mo's arrogant self? Nutted. "I just nutted" is all you would be saying. I will brook no cynicism regarding this section of the post. If you rain on this parade I consider you no better than a unicorn rapist and the destroyer of small children's dreams. There is too a f*cking Santa, ok? He's friends with Jesus and they both told me they want to see Fedor at 205.

So. Been seeing alot of articles and fanposts around here saying "Fedor is done" "Fedor couldn't even put bunk ass Bigfoot away. ACH. UGH. TURRRRIBLE."


So what? If the guy isn't a completely unstoppable russian cybernetic engine of destruction that carries with him ZERO possibility of defeat you don't wanna watch him no mo'? Give me a f*cking break. Fedor now brings to the table a human element that he was completely lacking before. He is not undefeatable, he can be hurt, he can bleed and break just like every man. Now that it is known he is capable of losing no one wants to see him fight? "Fedor in nothing but competative, closely contested fights? F*ck that" you say. Pfft. Shame, I say.

My little fantasy about Fedor actually making a weight cut was actually just the fluffy lead in to the fact I think size played a huge factor in what we saw on Saturday. You guys are suckers! Just kidding! Keep reading!

If you can accept the fact that Fedor should be cutting to 205 if not 185 you have to accept the fact that Bigfoot's size was the MAIN factor in his win. We're talking about a man that is half a foot taller and about 280lbs come fight time, who also happens to literally suffer from borderline gigantism, who was also popped for juice in 2008 (whew!).

SO Fedor, essentialy a normal dude that trains hard, takes on Andre the Giant after a few cycles of the good stuff. In essence Fedor could have been giving up close to 100 pounds of servicable mass. That's 2 weight classes! Like 5 weight classes if we are talking 205 and under! Fedor has indeed fought men that size, even much larger than that. But he had never faced someone that much bigger who was pure muscle and bone with a world class BJJ based top game, and lets not forget about the jucing in the past and the condition that produces excess HGH in the body. The image that haunts me still is Silva's freakish meathook rape-choking the shit out of a small child. Oh, wait, that was Fedor. I'm pretty sure Silva's fingers were touching around the back of Fedor's neck.

The amount of punches Fedor blasted Silva with, the same punches that have felled so many in the past were barely even noticed by that monumental Jaw. Fedor still has the skill, speed, power and timing to land that Russian nuke. Only problem is if it lands (it did) and it wraps that massive jaw almost around to the back of Bigfoot's head (also happened) and all it did was make Antonio think of eating some pizza and chips then I think we can agree there might be a disparity in size that might be having an influence on the fight? (If anyone mentions Mike Kyle here just... just f*ck you, ok buddy?)

It's not like Fedor is getting knocked out by a hard slap and half a tickle like Chuck. He was very competative against a much bigger fighter, showing mad heart and even more skill in getting out of a fully locked in arm triangle from a massive BJJ master. 

He made a mistake in letting Bigfoot get the mount, just like he made a mistake in his estimation of Werdum's conciousness.

 He is not suffering from a physical debilitation that isn't allowing him to compete, or a spiritual malaise dreaming of fishing instead of cemetary kicks. MMA has simply caught up with him and he can no longer get away with being so much smaller than his opponents, especially under the Unified system. You know you wanted another 2 minutes for Fedor to work on that Big ass Foot at the end of the Second, Silva was GASSING son! At least that was what I was screaming at my TV...

Fedor is already the greatest Heavyweight of all time, and it's quite obvious he can compete with, if no longer dominate the modern Heavyweight landscape. But could he also be the greatest Light Heavyweight? Middleweight?

Me likey. Do you?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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