Looking back at Andrei Arlovski

There was a time when the Pit Bull was seen as the man who was going to dominate the UFC heavyweight division for a long time to come, but now that seems like a lifetime ago. There was a time when Freddie Roach was telling us all that Arlovski was going to take the sport of boxing by storm but that never came to pass either. Arlovski's entire career is filled with what if's but the biggest one now is what if he decides not to retire after losing his fourth fight in a row? Lets look back on his career. Andrei_arlovski_talks_about_why_he_did_not_participate_in_the_k_1_final_16_last_weekend_medium


Andrei's career started out against the legendary (for all the wrong reasons) Viacheslav Datsik, perhaps there was a bit of forshadowing to the fact that it ended with Arlovski getting KO'd. After winning the M-1 European championship Arlovski moved to the UFC where he lost to Ricco Rodriguez and Pedro Rizzo back to back(not surprisingly by KO) and it looked like his career was in jeopardy before it really got off the ground. Then Arlovski went on a tear culminating with him beating Tim Sylvia for the interim UFC belt at UFC 51. His feud (both in and out of the cage) with Tim Sylvia defined his UFC career, Arlovski seemed to be winning the rematch until Sylvia caught him with a uppercut to the chin and the rubber match is well known for being nearly unwatchable. Still Arlovski was considered one of the top guys in the heavyweight division and although it was also a fight well remembered for being a snoozefest he defeated Fabricio Werdum.


Contract issues spelled a slow doom for his UFC career shortly after than and when he finally was out of the UFC he was considered one of the top free agents in the sport. Affliction quickly picked him up to add to their impressive heavyweight roster where Arlovski ended Ben Rothwell's 13 fight win streak and became the first man to finish Roy Nelson (although not without controversy). Once again Arlovski had answered consecutive losses with an impressive win streak and many people, including famed boxing coach Freddie Roach, believed that he would be the man to finally beat Fedor. Early in the fight with Fedor it looked like that may be the case but then as had happened in the past his chin let him down and he ended up laid out wondering what happened.


From then on out it has been nothing but downhill. Brett Rogers made his name off Arlovski's weak chin. Not even famed coach Greg Jackson could get him back on track as Antonio Silva won a decision over him and finally Sergei Kharitonov has also sent him to dreamland in a fight he should of won. It should come as no surprise that 7 of Andrei Arlovski's 9 losses came in the way of him being knocked out, it's something not even his superior fighting talent has been able to overcome. He's only 32 years old but there just doesn't seem to be much left for him in combat sports, he was almost a legend but his body just keeps letting him down.


Andrei Arlovski's record (15-9):

 Loss Sergei Kharitonov KO (Punches) Strikeforce - Fedor vs. Silva 2/12/2011 1 2:49
 Loss Antonio Silva Decision (Unanimous) Strikeforce - Heavy Artillery 5/15/2010 3 5:00
 Loss Brett Rogers TKO (Punches) Strikeforce - Lawler vs. Shields 6/6/2009 1 0:22
 Loss Fedor Emelianenko KO (Punch) Affliction - Day of Reckoning 1/24/2009 1 3:14
 Win Roy Nelson KO (Punch) EliteXC - Heat 10/4/2008 2 3:14
 Win Ben Rothwell KO (Punches) Affliction - Banned 7/19/2008 3 1:13
 Win Jake O'Brien TKO (Punches) UFC 82 - Pride of a Champion 3/1/2008 2 4:17
 Win Fabricio Werdum Decision (Unanimous) UFC 70 - Nations Collide 4/21/2007 3 5:00
 Win Marcio Cruz KO (Punches) UFC 66 - Liddell vs. Ortiz II 12/30/2006 1 3:15
 Loss Tim Sylvia Decision (Unanimous) UFC 61 - Bitter Rivals 7/8/2006 5 5:00
 Loss Tim Sylvia TKO (Punches) UFC 59 - Reality Check 4/15/2006 1 2:43
 Win Paul Buentello KO (Punch) UFC 55 - Fury 10/7/2005 1 0:15
 Win Justin Eilers TKO (Punches) UFC 53 - Heavy Hitters 6/4/2005 1 4:10
 Win Tim Sylvia Submission (Achilles Lock) UFC 51 - Super Saturday 2/5/2005 1 0:47
 Win Wesley Correira TKO (Punches) UFC 47 - It's On 4/2/2004 2 1:15
 Win Vladimir Matyushenko KO (Punch) UFC 44 - Undisputed 9/26/2003 1 1:59
 Win Ian Freeman TKO (Punches) UFC 40 - Vendetta 11/22/2002 1 1:25
 Loss Pedro Rizzo KO (Punches) UFC 36 - Worlds Collide 3/22/2002 3 1:45
 Loss Ricco Rodriguez TKO (Punches) UFC 32 - Showdown in the Meadowlands 6/29/2001 3 1:23
 Win Aaron Brink Submission (Armbar) UFC 28 - High Stakes 11/17/2000 1 0:55
 Win John Dixson KO (Punches) SFIT - Super Fight at International Tournament 5/13/2000 1 N/A
 Win Roman Zentsov TKO (Punches) M-1 MFC - European Championship 2000 4/9/2000 1 1:18
 Win Michael Tielrooy Submission (Guillotine Choke) M-1 MFC - European Championship 2000 4/9/2000 1 1:25
 Loss Viacheslav Datsik KO (Punch) M-1 MFC - World Championship 1999 4/9/1999 1 6:05

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