Bloody Elbow Radio: Michael Schiavello, Luke Thomas, Strikeforce Review


Bloody Elbow Radio's second effort went off Saturday night following the conclusion of "Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva." Matt Bishop and Forrest Lynn were joined by Bloody Elbow's Jonathan Snowden and Mike Fagan to break down the night's five-fight main card, including Fedor Emelianenko's loss to Antonio Silva.

Also joining the crew were HDNet broadcaster Michael Schiavello and SB Nation's Luke Thomas, both of whom were live on the scene at IZOD Center in New Jersey for the show.

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Our guests, Schiavello and Thomas, brought great insight from the event.

Here is what Schiavello had to say about Fedor Emelianenko's fight with Antonio Silva and how Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem would view it:

"Knowing Alistair well, I think he'd be disappointed. I think everyone, all the other heavyweights, would be disappointed that Fedor's out. I was sitting next to Josh Barnett the entire show and Barnett was cheering on Fedor, coaching Fedor, screaming out instructions. I think Alistair would've ben the same. It's no secret Alistair desperately wants to fight Fedor. He wants to take a chunk of that legacy for himself, prove that he's the man. ... I thought it was a big mistake putting Fedor and Alistair on the side of the draw together to meet in the semifinals. They should've done it first up. They should've done it first up, this should've been a big pay-per-view event tonight, the hype of Alistair versus Fedor. There would've been no injuries, no hassles, no contractual disputes. It would've been done and dusted. We would've had an effective outcome, either Alistair or Fedor, and now we're probably never going to get to see it. I think, if I can speak for Alistair, and if you could talk to him right now, I'm sure he'd say the same thing, he was disappointed that Fedor lost, but he was impressed by Antonio Silva. I'm sure that's exactly what Alistair would say."

Thomas also joined us following the show and talked about his view of MMA trainer Greg Jackson walking back to the locker room area following Andrei Arlovski's loss to Sergei Kharitonov.

"It was really hard to watch Greg Jackson walk back to the locker room. I was sort of positioned right where all the fighters came back, winners and losers, and the look on Greg Jackson's face was like he had come from a funeral. You're just a human being and you're watching this and it was very hard. Where Andrei Arlovski goes from here, I don't really know.

"(Arlovski) looked good early, especially cageside. ... He was doing all the right things. He clearly had a game plan, I think Greg Jackson had given him a lot, but ultimately, Kharitonov's a strong puncher and was able to implement his game plan which was to get Arlovski's back on the fence and that way, you isolate all that movement he was using."


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