Chan Sung Jung.Korean Zombie.---INTERVIEW, "Out of Top FW Hominick easiest matchup for me"

Korean Zombie
Chan Sung Jung, Korean Interview translated

Talks about
*Mark Hominick
*George Roop
*the Twister
*Training with Ben Henderson
*American training/gyms compared to Korean


-How is your condition?
▲Even though I rushed the last of the conditioning in Canada, I feel good. Although I have some nagging injuries that's a part of fighting.

-How do you feel compared to the Garcia fight?
▲That fight I was really rushed on a ten day notice. Compared to that fight, I am at a complete different level. Much better this time

-What do you think of your opponent, Mark Hominick's skill?
▲I think he has the cleanest boxing in not just for the FW division but the UFC. His punching is top notch. Fast. But I think that may also be his crutch. I do not think his grappling or wrestling is at that level. But at the same time, I believe out of the Top FW he is the easiest opponent for me.

-Hominick is a huge name and this is a very important fight. What do you think about this huge opportunity after debuting for only a year?
▲ If I beat him I become a top Ten FW. This fight will prove whether I am a Top FW or not. This is by far the most important fight of my life.

-Hominick is a proven Top FW, what do you feel about the UFC picking you to fight him and him calling you out first?
▲ I know he called me out because he thinks he can beat me. He probably thinks I am too popular compared to my skills and abilities. But at the same time I am honored someone like him would call me out. There was no reasons to reject.

But even before, I saw him fight Aldo and thought to myself,"I can beat him". So maybe this was destiny for us to fight.

-What happened in the George Roop fight?
▲ I have no idea. It was like I was in a fog the whole time I was fighting him. I just put too much pressure on myself to put on a show and got completely overwhelmed. No excuses I lost period, but I have never started so slow or sluggish in a fight before.

- You looked much improved for the second Garcia fight.
▲Yeah and I am even more evolved now. Hominick has had a lot of fights in the USA and a lot of tape, but I still have a lot of tricks I haven't shown yet. A lot of people concentrate on just the Twister but I have a lot of special attacks ready. I am planning to catch Hominick off guard with a lot of unpredictable moves.

-This is the 4th time you are in a cage, still nervous?
▲Actually it gets worse. When I debuted, my mindset was lets put on a show and show my skills. But now I really want to show how high my level is as a fighter.

-Hominick is fighting in his hometown, how is that going to effect you?
▲ I don't care. I would prefer more boos actually. I can concentrate better than. I just hope the judging is not biased. You can say, I am pretty confident in my abilitiy to win this fight.

-You recently trained with Ben Henderson, talk about that?
▲I was so happy to see him. His mom is Korean, so maybe that explains the close connection. I was really thankful he came to Korea and the Gym. Sparring with him was also a good experience.

-How was sparring?
▲At first we didn't go hard but eventually Henderson wanted to upp the training. I could only say to myself,"This is a true champion level fighter". Technique,stamina, he is the top in every aspect. One time we sparred for real and I am thankful no cameras were there. Even though he is only a weight class above he is much bigger than me. I truly believe he will be champion.

-How was training at Alpha Male?
▲ At first, I was a bit intimidated by how good all the fighters were. I felt like the ugly ducking at first ,but soon my confidence grew. No need to be down. I thought I was competitive with all the of them. That's the best part of American Gyms, the sparring and the level of sparring.

-Everyone is saying American gyms and training is the best for a fighter. What do you think about the American style of training/gyms?
▲Definitely, America has a lot of top level fighters to spar with. But that's it. Training technique and style is not much different. And the level of wrestling there is not incredibly higher or superior, as many think. Actually I think my Gym, Korean Top Team has better wrestling.

-You have a tendency to go for broke and "one up" the other fighter in striking which leads to brawling.
▲Yes I will admit that. And I plan on standing toe to toe with Hominick. He is truly underestimating my striking. I plan to mix it up but I am definitly going after him aggressively.

-What do you think of his power?
▲His lead left hand and straight right hand is his weapon. His straight is powerful and fast. But I think it lacks in power behind someone like an Aldo

-How are you going to handle the time difference?
▲ Yes its a struggle for even normal people to take trips to America. But I'll go to the Fan Expo early so I will be fine

-Last words to the Fans?
▲I am not even considering defeat. I am only thinking of happy images and even if I get complacent I start getting nightmares of the George Roop fight. It was a good experience. I am going into this fight with poison in my heart. Please watch, I am going to cause an accident/trouble and come back.

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