Hypothetical Matchups: Prime Fedor vs. Prime Couture

So, we're looking at a matchup of prime Fedor vs. prime Couture (and for a little fun, we'll have it in the UFC, as Fedor's first fight there):

Lead ins roll, as we see Fedor talk about what an honor it is to fight for the UFC, how he's trained like never before, and that he intends to defeat the very best. Clips of training camp, his new eating program, and lifting. He looks like he is ready to go and wants to look better than even his top performances in PRIDE. He talks about making big changes, and again that he is ready and willing to take on the elite in the UFC.

Couture's voice fades in. "As far as I'm concerned, I'm leaving that cage a comic book hero. I'm captain America, and he's the Russian bad guy. He's done for." Randy talks about his experiences as having been the champ of two different divisions, and that he isn't getting shown up by a Russian who fights cans. His camp looks intense, he's ready to defend his heavyweight strap against the newcomer to the UFC. All this seemed to be was some fabricated beef by Randy.

Fedor walks in, slowly and casually, eyes shut and he looks very calm. He reaches the prep station and is talked to by the ref. He nods, turns to his corner, and performs the sign of the Cross as he enters the ring. He settles into his corner, and looks around at the packed stadium, as the lights shut off to introduce Randy Couture.

Randy walks in fast and intense, eyes dead on his opponent, many yards away. He reaches the prep point, smiles and talks to the ref happily, and turns to acknowledge his corner. He walks into the octagon looking at all of the stadium smiling, and then to the Russian monster he will be fighting in minutes. He takes a deep breath, settles into his corner, and trades dark glances with The Last Emperor.

Buffer announces the two with the vigor of his introduction of Lesnar at UFC 100. Although he neglects to do the Buffer 360, the intensity is there. Randy mouths his name as Buffer announces him the undisputed champion of the world. The two fighters are called to the center of the octagon, Fedor looking down, Randy bouncing and staring at the bald head in front of him. Big John says to touch 'em up, and Randy smacks Fedor's gloves with little patience, he's ready to go. The two are called by Big John with his staple, "You ready? You ready? Let's get it on, C'mon!"

Round 1:

Randy and Fedor meet in the center and briefly touch gloves. Randy moving in and out quickly, feint after feint. His eyes have a spark behind them, but also a look of unsureness. He throws a sloppy overhand and level changes briefly. Fedor backs away and retakes the center of the octagon. Randy throws a lead hook, which is countered by a weak straight by Fedor. Randy backs away, looking for what he can do next. Randy looks like he wants to unload on an overhand, but Fedor knows this and circles accordingly. Fedor throws a left hook that lands flush and wobbles Couture. Couture runs back to recover, but not before getting tagged again and again by well placed shots by Fedor. Randy is put against the fence, with Emelianenko throwing short hooks. They remain for about thirty seconds, and Randy recovers and turns the clinch around. Randy tries to go in on a double, and gets it. He lifts Fedor in the air and turns him towards the center of the octagon, as he attempts to slam Fedor to the ground. Fedor easily gets his hips under him and gets on his feet again, unfazed by the slam he just endured. He gives a good body shot to Couture and the round ends as both men walk slowly to their corners. 10-9 Fedor.

Couture's corner is yelling at him to enforce the clinch and to go for simpler takedowns. They tell him to be wary of Fedor's power. He nods, but it looks like it went in one ear and out the other, and he looks very anxious.

The two are called to have their corners leave and to resume the fight for the second round. Both nod at Big John, and the round begins.

Round 2:

Randy bull rushes at Fedor and evades a power hook from the Russian. He gets the clinch and plants Fedor against the fence. Randy dirty boxes for a short time before Fedor decides he doesn't care for the position and easily turns the clinch. He returns the favor of dirty boxing, and smashes Randy in the ribs with shot after shot. He separates, and Randy slowly follows suit, trying to get something. Fedor throws an inside leg kick, a big left hook, and grabs double underhooks on a dazed Couture. He throws him to the mat and is in half guard, looking for a kimora. Randy defends well, and regains full guard, eventually pushing his way back to the fence and then back to his feet. The two disengage as Randy's mouth guard had fallen out while wall walking, and it is given to him by Big John. John calls the two to fight again, and they meet at the center of the octagon. Fedor lands a great leg kick and an overhand right, which sends Randy's head into a following left hook. Randy collapses as Fedor smashes him with ground and pound as the ref is forced to call the fight. Fedor wins the fight by TKO, about 3 minutes into round 2.

Randy looks distraught as he shakes hands with Fedor. The two are called to the middle, but Randy remains on his stool talking to his corner and the doctors. Fedor's name is announced and Dana puts the heavyweight strap around Fedor's waist with a smile, and a look of utter shock.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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