LNF 25: Late Night Debate; The G.O.A.T versus The P4P Champ. PLUS: UFC on Beavis n' Butthead

Bloody Elbow is the premier MMA community, and it is because every single user brings something to the table whether in the form of humerous banter or expert knowledge in a one of the martial arts. Being a huge fight fan, i believe this is my contribution to the BE community. LATE NIGHT FIGHTS as a series was created in order to highlight great classics and those fights that are often cited but rarely seen as well as the past, present and future legends of MMA in their early non UFC or non MMA bouts. Tonight i delve into another world, debate. Two of the oldest and bitterest debates are the Pound for Pound Champ and the Greatest of All Time. Too Many people use these terms interchangably and while they are not mutually exclusive lets take a look at what the differences between them are.- KJJ


Welcome to FightMatrix, think of it as the BCS if the BCS didnt blow. They use a complex algorithm to put these rankings together and i have to agree with the Algorithm here, Spider is clearly the best fighter ever but the string of wins GSP put together in his rule over the WW division is truely dominating. Lets look at the WW division Top 10 immediately after his win over Shields; BE Rankings May 2011


GSP's matches against the top 10: 6-0

#2 Fitch - 50-44 GSP Blowout, dropped Fitch several times

#3 Shields - i scored it 49-46, dropped Shields and stiffeled Shields attack with only 1 eye.

#4 Alves - 50-44 GSP Blowout, dropped Alves once and demolished him despite tearing his abductor muscle

#5 Kos - 50-45 GSP Blowout. Outwrestled again the NCAA champ. Should have been stopped, he was in worse shape then BJ

#7 Penn - Outworked Penn in the first fight, showed great heart in coming back. 2nd fight was a systematic dismantleing. Note: Penn did NOT quit, this is a myth. the Corner stopped the fight which was the correct call.

Dont Believe me? Lets look at FM's all time WW list


8-1 with wins over #2,3,4,5,6,7 is a pretty convincing arguement. Now back to Silva, lets look at his body of work against the top MW's of all time.


Spiders Record against Top 10: 6-0

#2 Marquardt- pulled a beautiful switch and finished with G'n'P

#3 Franklin (i rank him #2, he is 3 probably because he left the division so early) 2 fights, 2 asskickngs

#4 Hendo - Endured tough first round and then put a beating on Hendo eventually tapping him.

#6 Sonnen - Endured a disasterous first 4.75 rounds and then a beautifully set up last ditch attempt kept him champ.

#7 Okami - Close 1st round, took over control in 2nd and put him away.


1)This illustraites the point im trying to make beautifully. Spider is the better fighter in my opinion as he demolishes everyone in his path in a very Alie-sque way. Spider Silva is the GOAT

2) The fact that GSP's division is much tougher is a testament to just how good of a career he has had. He is the Master of every trait. GSP's skills could and would translate to any weight division. GSP is the #1 P4P fighter of all time

3) Most GSP's haters are blind, whenever anyone says GSP is boring because he wants to be safe and take it to the ground where he is unbeatable. Just remember, in that same line of thinking Spider fights safe because he keeps it on the feet where he is unbeatable.

But the Question remains; what do you think about the New Beavis & Butthead taking on TUF 10? WILL KIMBO RETURN???

"I think like if you knock someone out on top of that Dave & Buster’s logo, you get like free cheese sticks or something."


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