Video: Freddie Roach Calls Anderson Silva Best Boxer In MMA

OAKLAND CA - AUGUST 07: Anderson Silva speaks to the crowd after defeating Chael Sonnen in the UFC Middleweight Championship bout to retain his title at Oracle Arena on August 7 2010 in Oakland California. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

MMA Nation Senior Editor Luke Thomas is in Washington, D.C. providing media coverage for this weekend's Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson fight. He caught up with Khan's trainer Freddie Roach at Thursday's pre-fight press conference and spoke with the Hall of Fame trainer about a few different topics.

On Georges St. Pierre's injury:

He'll let that heal up and then get back at it. A year and a half of anyone's prime is worrisome and being laid of that long is worrisome because as fighters, activity is really good for them. But he's a very disciplined guy and mentally very strong. He'll come back I think.

The big thing is I'm sure we won't be getting Nick Diaz out of box. I'm sure we'll get him a couple warm up fights of course. It's a shame that happened but it's part of life.

On Nick Diaz' Boxing:

We had a game plan. We were already working on this because the fight was supposed to happen once before so we were working on things. I was studying Diaz fights.

People tell me that Nick Diaz is a good boxer. I tell them no, he's not a good boxer, he's good with his hands. Boxers use footwork. Diaz doesn't use any whatsoever. He just fights in straight lines. He's very accurate with his punches so we had a good game plan. We were working on it in the gym for about two weeks and then the fight got cancelled because Diaz didn't show up to the press conferences. Dana got mad and put somebody else in there so we went and shifted gears. It was a fight I was looking forward to because I know Diaz is a big challenge and a great warrior. He's a very resilient guy. It's hard to get him down man, he's a tough guy.

On the best "Pure Boxer" in MMA:

Right now, Anderson Silva. He's had six pro fights in his home country. He knows how to measure distance and time really well. He's a little ahead of the guys on that. But sometimes he only fights to his ability, you know? Or he fights as hard as he has to so sometimes he doesn't take guys out when he probably can or should. He lets them last a little longer.

Video after the jump...

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