Asian MMA Update: Kang, Colossa and Choi Lose at Road FC, Laursen vs. Magalhaes ONE FC Super-Fight Cancelled

UFC and PRIDE veteran Denis Kang lost again on Road FC 005.

Road FC 005 happened this past weekend, and the results are interesting, including some bouts which would be considered as upsets by a lot of the fans in the region. The most interesting outcome from the night would be from PRIDE and UFC Veteran, Denis Kang's fight.

Kang came out and scored early, only to be overwhelmed by his opponent on the ground. The fight was ended much like his last Road FC bout, when a turtled-up Kang took several knees to the head until the referee was forced to step in to stop the contest.

Kang's foray to Korea's top MMA promotion, Road FC was supposed to be a homecoming of sorts that could help reinvent himself and jumpstart his career. His last two opponents had other plans though. Kang suffered his third straight loss, while Shungo Oyama advanced on their middleweight tournament and improved his modest and deceiving record to 11-13. That resume is filled with some legends and other big names, such as Wanderlei Silva, Renzo Gracie, Dan Henderson, Mirko Filipovic, Carlos Newton, Peter Aerts, Melvin Manhoef, and now Denis Kang.

Also on the card as part of their running partnership, were ONE FC fighters Brian Choi and Vuyisile Colossa. Both athletes have been gaining a bit of attention and hype recently, but both fighters lost their respective Road FC bouts.

Choi, who trains with the several BJJ, Muay Thai, and MMA champions at Evolve MMA, made a drop to featherweight for the first time. He had his moments, but Choi wasn't able do enough to win the decision against fellow Korean prospect Bae Young Kwon. Also of note, Kwon is reportedly being picked up by ONE FC as well.

Colossa on the other hand, is one of the most dangerous strikers in the region. As shown by Eduard Folayang on their Martial Combat bout last year though, his ground game is his major flaw, and this cost him the fight once again. The well-rounded Legend FC veteran, Yui Chul Nam, took advantage of these holes, and got himself a quality win over a guy who was pegged to be close to title contention at One FC.

Following Nam's big win, Legend FC even tweeted an interesting question to me - "Nam Yui Chul won a unanimous decision at Road FC tonight. That's 3 straight, and 4 in his last 5. Has he earned a shot at Jadamba?"

Check out a TON of other news from the Asian Region after the jump, including an update on that planned super-fight between the Martial Combat champ, who is ranked #8 on the Scouting Report, Ole Laursen and CFC champion, Bernardo Magalhaes (11-1). Follow me on twitter.

Quick Hits:

  • A reliable source tells us that the planned ONE FC super-fight between Martial Combat Champ, Ole Laursen, and CFC Champ, Bernardo Magalhaes is not happening. Magalhaes suffered an injury and has pulled out of the planned bout for February. No word yet on a replacement fighter for the card in Jakarta.
  • Another source tells us that Zhang Lipeng, who was supposed to headline RUFF 2 in China against Rodrigo Corporal, suffered a hand injury during training, and will have to pull out of the card.
  • Dare Fight Sports from Thailand is hosting their next show on January 7th, with the proceeds given to the flood victims in the country. They have already announced a few of their match ups, but sources have told us that a bout between top prospects Arnaud Lepont (7-1) and Krysztof Hajtalowicz (2-0) is also set for the card.
  • ONE FC has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow, December 8, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Word is, they're going to announce a new local TV deal the country.
  • URCC and ONE FC star Eduard Folayang, who is fresh off his Wushu Gold Medal win at the South East Asian Games, the has made the trip from Baguio to Manila, and today met with the URCC brass.
  • Kazushi Sakuraba, is apparently considering a return to puroresu at the NYE event, Genki Desu ka! At this stage of his career, this could be a better move, as it just makes me sad every time he tries to compete against younger and better guys in MMA.
  • Yuichiro Nagashima, or 'Jienotsu', who is more known to MMA fans for defeating Shinya Aoki in that mixed-rules bout last year, will be having another bout with the same weird ruleset on NYE. The K-1 Max champion will be facing Katsunori Kikuno (16-4-2) on that fight with alternating rounds of K-1 and MMA rules. Word is, Jienotsu has even bulked up recently from around 155 lbs, to over 170 lbs.
  • There were a few smaller sites reporting on an "alliance" between PRO, Legend FC, and PXC, since Legend FC fighter Mark Striegl was scheduled to compete at PXC, and is now set to face Daniel Mashamaite on PRO in Taipei. I spoke to a high ranking Legend FC official, and unsurprisingly, all this talk about 'alliance' or partnerships between them are false. According to him, some fighters request to fight outside of Legend FC, and they just entertain it on a case-per-case basis. He made it clear that there really is no formal or informal agreement to share fighters between these three organizations.
  • Speaking of Mark Striegl (5-0), he hinted on something big that's coming up for him, "Got something "HUGE" in the works...stay tuned. ". He also recently posted a video blog that documents his training camp for his upcoming fight, and also shows him working out and cornering Will Chope during his URCC bout:

  • And since we're talking about Will Chope and the URCC, here's a highlight video from URCC XX which looks to be made by one of the spectators from the event:

  • Legend FC lightweight champion Jadamba Narantungalag has an interview on their website that talks about various topics, including his thoughts on the development of MMA in Mongolia:

    "Mongolia is a country with strong warrior traditions, but MMA has only recently started to develop here. I think that our fighting spirit and our skills in disciplines like Mongolian traditional wrestling mean that MMA has a strong future in Mongolia. And our talented new generation of young fighters like Batgerel and Purev will be good representatives for the sport. For myself, I would like to continue to introduce and train people in MMA, and act as a role model for hopeful young Mongolian fighters."

    "One of the most important things that I can do for Mongolian MMA is to continue to successfully defend my Legend title."
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