Stuff I Hate...

I've been a proud hater all of my life, I hate Lesnar, I hate Koscheck, I hate movies about water monsters (seriously just stay out of the water) and I hate a lot of things about MMA. Don't get me wrong mma is my favorite sport and Ill always support it but as with anything in this world there is some things that I don't like. I'm just gonna get up on my soap box and belt out a few things so if you have something to add, comment. If you hate on my hating then you are free to comment as well.

This is my first post here on BE so please... be gentle

Dana Whites Language: You've heard it on TUF, you've heard it in in almost every interview. F this and F that, he'll even throw in a bro every once in a while. I'm not so delusional to think that its hurting the sport, in a strange sort of way I think it gave the UFC kind of an edgy-ness to it, I even think it helped set the mood for the first season of TUF. But now that the UFC is more in the main stream (not in it yet) is it really needed? It reminds me of my of an 8th grader who just started saying the F word to his friends. Here is an example from a recent quote.

"As for the director, you are sitting in a fucking booth with 12 fucking monitors and you mean to tell me you fucking miss someone's schlong flopping out of his shorts? Fucking unbelievable!" - Dana White

It just seems like it is excessive. I know the situation he was referring to wasn't a really fair of me to take a quote off of but it is something that bugs me.

Elbows to the head of a grounded opponent: I already know there are a bunch of people who love these so just hear me out. I love standing elbows, I love when someone can throw an elbow while separating from a clinch, or when Silva threw that elbow uppercut on that white guy at cage rage 16. But on the ground they just bug me.

I love seeing submissions in MMA but I feel that I see a lot less of them if the guy on top just wants to land elbows and the guy on the bottom just wants to avoid them. I don't like to think that fighters try to get a fight stopped by giving the other guy a cut above his eye,but I'm sure it happens and some people do go for it. I guess I just miss Pride where (I think) the grappling was a little more entertaining (to me at least).

Open letters: Nobody cares... seriously

Quality of Referees: An example of this is Kim Winslow. Anyone who has seen the beating "Cyborg" put on Jan "Cuddles" Finney, at Strikeforce / M-1 Global Fedor vs. Werdum knows what I'm talking about. It might sound a little sexist and I hate seeing anyone (male or female) literally un-able to defend themselves take such a severe beating like that, but seeing a woman take that beating stung a little bit more and I honestly hated watching it.

The fight should have been stopped multiple times during the first round when Finney was turttled up taking punches and knees. The whole thing disgusted me. And Iv'e heard quotes of Finney defending Kim Winslow, "It's my decision, and leave those people (refferee/my corner) out of it". What she thinks is completely irrelevant, what is the purpose of a ref if not for the complete control and safety of the fighters? There needs to be some official training that every professional MMA Official/Referee should be made to go through.

This is just a recent example and I'm sure that there are others but this one stuck out too me and I think it is something that really needs to be changed.

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