What Happens if Brock Lesnar Loses on December 30th?

On December 30th, two gigantic heavyweights, Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem, will collide inside the octagon. Brock Lesnar is the UFC's biggest PPV draw and MMA's highest-paid athlete. Besides that, Lesnar is also the UFC's go-to guy when they need someone to make a mainstream-media blitz. He's done ESPN, Late Night, and even analyst duties for UFC on Fox. Lesnar is the UFC's top asset. No one could fill his shoes. Not in the near-future anyways. So what will the UFC do if he loses? What will Lesnar do? Break a door? Eat horse meat? Cash in at Wrestlemania next year? Speculation after the jump.

This will be Lesnar's first fight in over fourteen months. Despite the long lay-off, Lesnar will not be given a tune-up fight. Instead, he has to face a former Strikeforce and K-1 champ in Alistair Overeem. Right now Lesnar's a +130 underdog. A lot of people think Lesnar can take it if he utilizes his wrestling and brutal ground and pound, but it's not fun to imagine what happens if Lesnar wins, because we all know he gets a title shot against Junior Dos Santos.

Let's imagine if Lesnar gets absolutely, positively, smashed.

Scenario #1: Lesnar Retires and Walks Away from the UFC

I really hope this doesn't happen. I enjoy watching Lesnar. He's got an interesting personality, stirs things up, and always has exciting fights. If he suffers a horrible beating (it would be his third in a row), I can't help but think that he hangs it up.

Lesnar has millions of dollars. He also has many ways to make tons of cash without the help of the UFC. He could cash in with the WWE for a short Wrestlemania stint like The Rock. He has video game deals, endorsements, and more. He's suffered two serious bouts with diverticulitis and has small children. Lesnar might find the risk of the sport too much for the reward.

Scenario #2: Lesnar Fights Frank Mir

As long as Lesnar is still willing to fight, I see this as a no-brainer. Whether Mir loses or emerges victorious against Big Nog, I don't see why the UFC wouldn't do this. First off, Lesnar would probably request it because it's definitely a big money fight for him. Mir wouldn't mind it. Why? Well, because it's also a big money fight for him too. Mir could also claim the right to a title shot after 3 or 4 straight wins (depending on if he beats Big Nog): Cro Cop, Roy Nelson, Big Nog, and Brock Lesnar.

Considering the way Lesnar manhandled Mir in their bout at UFC 100, I think Lesnar is quite confident on how things would play out. If he wins, he's right back in the title picture after beating a man with 3-straight victories (if he beats Big Nog.)

Scenario #3: Lesnar Retires, But Still Plays a Role in the UFC

The UFC wouldn't mind keeping Lesnar around in a non-competitive role. He's worth a shit load of money and can definitely swing a few eyeballs the UFC's way. They could make him do media tours, fan expos, or keep him doing pre-shows on Fox. Hell, they might even let him do commentating. In my opinion, Lesnar would probably be able to do whatever the hell he wanted. The UFC would cater to him knowing he could go anywhere else.

Now I'm not exactly sure on the specifics of Lesnar's contract, e.g., if it's possible for him to just up and retire. I'm not even sure if Lesnar has a no-compete clause, or something that bans him from going to the WWE within a year of his contract's expiration. Either way, it's fun to see how this would play out.

Pick what scenario you think is most probable in the poll below. Leave comments, suggestions, or critcisms. Thanks!

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