UFC 140 In-Depth Fantasy Preview: Mark Hominick vs. Chan-Sung Jung

UFC 140 is shaping up to be a fun card with several interesting fights waiting on the night's PPV main card, starting with the opening bout between Mark Hominick and Chan Sung Jung. Both fighters have endeared themselves to UFC fans by putting on high-intensity and entertaining bouts in their short tenures following the UFC-WEC merger, and this bout promises nothing different.

Mark Hominick

Hominick is a kickboxer fighting out of the late Shawn Tompkins' Adrenaline MMA gym, and is one of the ever-rare fighters to leave the UFC on a winning note. After sandwiching a pair of wins in the UFC around a non-UFC loss, Hominick opted out of the Octagon to follow bouts at the lower weight-classes the UFC did not have at the time. Following the UFC-WEC merger and the introduction of a UFC 145 lbs. division, Hominick moved back into the world's #1 promotion.

Recent Fights

Most recently fans saw Hominick in action taking on UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo at UFC 129. Although Hominick dropped the decision to Aldo, he showed fantastic cardio and an immense heart, battling through early rounds which saw the champion cause massive swelling over Hominick's eye which nearly stopped the fight, only to find himself on the hands of a one-sided beatdown by the challenger in the final frame. Prior to the defeat Hominick was riding a five-fight winning streak which saw him pick up wins in the UFC, the WEC and even the short-lived Affliction promotion.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Hominick's primary strength is in his dangerous striking skills. In addition to his nine TKO victories in MMA, Hominick holds an unblemished record in kickboxing, with 21 victories in as many bouts. While Hominick is no slouch on the ground, with seven victories inside MMA competition coming by submission, he has also suffered the majority of his defeats through the grappling arts, and will likely opt to avoid the ground if possible against Jung.

Fantasy Impact

Hominick is among the safest bets on the card, and is being picked accordingly with the strong majority in favor of Hominick leading to a +2 points bonus for successfully picking against him on's fantasy game. In general, betting against the +2 bonuses is not the way to win long term, as the extra incentive is there for a reason -- the guy not getting it is probably going to win comfortably. If backing Hominick, he is well-equipped to earn the TKO near the mid-point of the fight, in round 2. On the fantasy betting side, Hominick sits at -345, less expensive odds than any actual book. That being said, putting money down on a bet that lopsided ensures a massive risk for any kind of worthwhile payoff, and you're likely better off leaving Hominick off your fantasy betting ticket.

Chan-Sung Jung analysis available at Fake Teams. is a fantasy sports blog on SBNation. Recently Fake Teams has spread coverage out to the developing Fantasy MMA community. Fake Teams currently features daily main card bout breakdowns in the week before events by myself and full card analysis by Ben Baumen. If you're into Fantasy MMA we encourage you to come by and give it a read.

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