UFC 140: Lyoto Machida Talks About His Preparation for Jon Jones

via cdn0.sbnation.com

Lyoto Machida will be looking to put the UFC light heavyweight title back around his waist when he meets current champion Jon Jones in the main event of UFC 140 this Saturday in Toronto. He has changed up a few things and brought in some high-level guys to help him prepare for anything that might happen in the cage. Machida documented some of that in a recent interview with Tatame. Who has he brought in to help him out? Anderson Silva!

Actually, I also brought Anderson Braddock (Silva), who’s a guy that fights in K-1, he’s a great K-1 fighter. I brought him and Glover (Teixeira) on the first moment. They stayed here for two weeks. On that period we tried to do many sparrings, simulating similar situations I’ll might confront during the fight, also on the clinch, the takedowns. We know Glover is a high lever fighter and why he’s been smashing everybody down here in Brazil, and I’m sure he’ll make a good career abroad, and Bradock also helped me a lot to simulate the fight. Then Glover had to go because he was fighting and then I brought King Mo to add a lot. He’s a high level fighter in Wrestling, he has been a world champion on the Pan Am, he has defeated Olympic champions, so he knows the details of the position that can help me block his game during the fight, and I guess that’s the main aspect. I guess the technical part is the most important one for a fight like that, because I’m fighting a very technical guy. Jon Jones knows many techniques, he’s can do many things, so that’s why I’m trying to improve more and more my wrestling.

He states that he might be looking to put Jones on his back, as opposed to just working takedown defense:

Well, I guess it’s hard to predict how things will go on during the fight, but we trained a lot offensive wrestling, me taking him down. Besides the takedown defenses, we trained counterattacks with the takedowns, so if I take him down, it won’t be a surprise for me, for my team, because we know what we’ve been doing here. Our greatest goal is to win the fight, in any area it takes place, no matter if it’s on the stand-up, the wrestling or on the ground. I want to have an advantage in all areas.

He also explains where he thinks he holds advantages over Jones right now:

I believe I can control my distance and how long does it take for me to get in and out of his radar. Since Jon Jones is very versatile, I also ought to be to try to be versatile to make it settled. We trained many attacks too on the stand-up so that we can have another tools. Many times, Jon Jones prefers to use the counterattacks, waiting for the fight to happen, so we need also to have this tool so we can defeat our opponent.

Oh, and the real Anderson Silva never actually helped him with this camp:

I talked to Anderson on the phone like three or four times, and we talked a lot. He sent me a video, telling me to train that. He shoot a video there saying what he thought I should focus more my training on for this fight, he showed me a different coup, saying I can use it. So, he always tries to help me the way he can. We can tell Anderson is very helpful, mainly with his friends. You can see his worry to come and talk to me. I know he wants me to bring another title to our Brazil.

Will all this be enough for Machida to overcome the freight train that is Jon Jones? We'll find out on Saturday.


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