BE Civil War Results- TPF, er, TUF 14 Finale

Motherfuck. Motherfucker. Mutherfuckers!!!! Good god was that awful. I mean, fun to watch, but many of us took fucking baths last night. It was my lowest score ever on PG. I fell out of the top 3 spots in the camp and lost 20 spots in the site's overall rankings. My team, in our final act of self-sabotage, kidnapped Hail Mary and beheaded her on Al-Jazeera by only having 5 scores over 40. Rollo and pridedaze 09 each scored a 5. That's right, 5. Total. Five. Cinco. V. There's only one difference- Rollo only picked 2 fights, pridedaze picked all of them. I know that pridedaze is a new father, and he must be sleep deprived and dealing with a post-partum wife who's acting like a crazy person, but where's Bonedoctor when you need him? (kidding pridedaze-go get some sleep and kill it on 140).

Also, I'd like to address something since a number of people have expressed dissatisfaction over it. Lowell didn't get his picks in on time at PG. So, he took a proactive approach and posted his picks in a fanpost and in an email to me hours before the event started. I allowed this for a few reasons:

1) the big problem with missing picks isn't that it fucks with your individual cumulative score, but that everybody else in the competition has no way of determining your score. If someone takes steps to mitigate the fact that PG will have no score for you and I'll have no way of knowing what your picks were- then to me, they've satisfied the requirement of not missing the event.

2) The guys who put their scores in there prior to the event have been here for all 8 events, and this was a different event, what with the 2 day turnaround between the announcing of the full card and the locking of the event. I know that the vast majority of us had no problem doing this, but enough people who have been solid throughout the comp missed to where it was apparent that an incident like this is not what the missing picks rule was created to stop. In the same vein, StevenGiles, who posted his picks in that thread, but 45 minutes after the start of events has to go. Sorry Steven... (paulo filho's psichiatrist is also gone- via con dios ya crazy bastard).

3) This will not be a viable method of getting picks in in the future. I don't want this to become a crutch that people rely upon, but we're still working on how to deal with the drop-out situation for next season (starting on 12/30).

Depending on the context, I'm typically more a pragmatist than a man of principle, and I'd rather find ways to keep people in the competition than look for reasons to get them out. Maybe I'm reacting subconsciously to the fact that it's more work to find a replacement than keep someone in, but I think that I've booted enough people out of this game (even when I had no computer) under the letter of the law to show that I'm not adverse to the work. But, I'm not perfect either, just doing the best I can. We'll all make this better every season as we go through it and learn from the various, utterly unpredictable situations that arise when computers as complex as humans interact.

UFC 140 is the last event boys! Let's finish this strong and do it right. Season 2 starts a mere 20 days later.

Alright- enough red tape. Onto the results.

1) K-1

crazybones - 57
cmons - 57
Manch1ld - 56
AndyDavis - 49
Shotokanman (doctorjekyll) - 48
KMcCaig - (slimdigg) - 46
FightingFighting - 46
lanky6 - 45
dgonz - 44
ThomasFlynn - 43
Fedorable - 43
zakkree - 38
Snatchl - 36
StevenGiles - 16
NaciremaDream - 15
Total - 639

2) Spinning Fish
IvanIllich - 65

chris81203 - 54

wonderfulspam - 54

sday420 - 50

bonesthebaptist - 44

SteveevaD - 42

Ulf_Murphy – 41

bodytriangle - 39

Memitim - 38

ludakrish - 36

afrotikiman - 33

Horselover_Fat (c) – 33

EmptyThoughts - 31

Montefisto - 27

inadvertantgroinstrike (Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist) – 0 (27)

TOTAL = 614

3) Pick Em

King of the Dogs 37
sunyue 54
skeebop 41
mountaineers101 43
tats16 39
zombiehobbes 31
Jeffigatame 40
lowellthehammer 59
alicks 17
krcampbell 25
duck 54
inthepipes 10
Robert Cowan 36
ElliotMatheny 69
bcpkjell- 47

4) BAU
TC Engel - 62
Kaleb - 56
Stiff Jab - 55 LBO - 48
Sam Cupitt - 48
Tim Bernier - 43
hardysinyourface - 43
IKilled007 - 40
Farthammer - 38
Fedornuthugger - 37
PelvicThrust - 35
halitosis - 34
av1o3 - 27
Hendo One-Shot - 23
Rollo Tomasi - 5 (only made 2 picks)

Total - 594

Last) JTT
Pookie Gnome- 63
MDH- 58
Noahwob- 55
SSReporters- 51
Joben- 50
Balrog- 40
WeAllHateCaleb- 37
19Miles- 36
JDH- 34
Imaginary Enemy- 33
pistonhyundai- 32
TitanFan2K- 30
kingatrock- 22
OurBovinePublic- 22
preidedaze09- FIVE.

Total- 568

Overall Standings:
1) K-1: 6957 2) Pick Em: 6801 3) BAU- 6730 4) JTT- 6670 5) Spinning Fish- 6663

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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