Suggestion Box for Season 2 of the BE Civil War.



Hola. With only one event left in the inaugural season of our fun little competition here at Bloody Elbow, I thought it would be a good time for everyone to get together and discuss the good, bad, and ugly about the situation and make suggestions for how to make season 2 run more smoothly. If you're not involved in it this season, and have no idea what it is, it's a team-based MMA prediction competition that we do through, which many of us were using for Fantasy MMA before our glorious leader JDH took the initiative to create this shindig. Even if you didn't get to participate in it this season, or hate its very existence like Cory Braiterman, your opinions are still welcome. Season one has been a good learning experience, and with a few tweaks I'm sure we can all make this a flawless system and enjoyable experience for all involved.

So I'm just going to name a few things I've been thinking about, then the rest of you can have the floor.

1) Missed picks - I was one of the people who made this a confusing mess during season one for fear of being punished because of picking people without knowing whether they'll be dependable. But screw it, I say zeros for missed picks next season. We've seen that sometimes with the current system of doubling lowest scores to replace zeros that it actually benefits the teams with fewer players, which absolutely should never happen.

2) We'll have to decide if 5 teams of 15 players is still adequate, I know a lot more people wanted in on the competition but I'm afraid that 75 people as it is was too many when expecting everyone to make picks for every event.

3) Which leads to my next suggestion... Should we have some way to make people eligible for the competition? Post count wouldn't work, because some of the biggest regulars of the site missed picks this season (Subo). We now have a list of people who were active all the way through this season so they should automatically qualify, but what about the new people who have seen all these Civil War posts and want in on the action? Although drafting a bunch of people I've never heard of who just joined Playground 2 days before isn't exactly reassuring.

4) Which leads to my next thought... Will we be redrafting again? I gotta say the draft was a lot of fun from a captain's standpoint, and I know lots of other people were lurking in that fanpost as well. But I also will be sad to let go of my team after all we've been through, sniff sniff, and the fact that most of them are signed up to G+ specifically for my discussion posts. I know there was mention of the winning team staying together for season two, hint hint.

5) After some thought, I think once Playground locks you out, there should be no way around it. It keeps it fair that way when everyone has the same requirement.

6) Something needs to be done about alternates, I just don't know what. But if we're replacing people who miss picks, it becomes an issue then trying to hunt down the person who's replacing them. Maybe if we randomly drew alternates from people who already had picked for the last event? Not sure... Need input.

There was more I was going to bring up, but I forgot half of it... So now it's your time, please add your thoughts so we can help perfect this as a BE tradition that is loved by the community. Captains, teammates, people who aren't even involved, let's hear your opinion. Obviously, JDH is the leader of this whole thing so it comes down to what he wants to do but I'm sure he's just as interested in feedback as I am, and doesn't have as much free time to waste as I do.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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