UFC 141 > the night full of surprises

This event brought me to make mz very first fanpost over here. I m looking forward to ur opinions.

The two worst “surprises” of the night: Phan-Hettes, Volkmann-Escudero

Out of what i have seen of Phan in this fight i can state that he doesn’t have a legitimate Jiu Jitsu black belt, or if he has, he ordered it from a „get a black belt” site. The thing i noticed is that Phan seemed far away, as if he wouldn’t realise that he is in a fight. He was outclassed by an opponent not really better than anyone else who could have been taken down or knocked out in so many ways. Phan didn’t use his hand and didn’t use nothing of his jiu jitsu ( I doubt he has any) the only plan he seemed to have is to stand up and to test how much more hits he can absorb. Hettes seems to be a good fighter though I m sorry he got such an opponent to turn this fight so one-sided. The fight to many may seem a bit like the Volkmann-Escudero but while Efrain didn’t have to absorb that much and during all the fight Volkmann concentrated to hold him from doing anything, yet couldn’t stop him to come out with a huge finale move, Phan just didn’t do nothing of that sort. Efrain surely lost the fight but did not lose fans because of his performance. Volkmann i have no idea whether he has any fans the speech he tried to do was not funny but rather strange and absurd. Not an attractive fighter and not an attractive fight. These two fights were the longest 3 round fights we could see in the Octagon.

Nunez- Gamburyan

I knew that Manny can’t really wrestle but i thought he would at least try to box. But he didn’t do of such and he was outclassed by the stand up-Nunez who clearly seems not having much wrestling ability either. He in fact did perfectly resisted Manny to lie on him. Yet, it was a good active fight, considering the other fights, it was in fact one of the best fights of the night.

Sean Pearson vs. Dong Kyun Kim

It was another great fight where it was the bell that saved Pearson from being out together with the referee of course. It was a nice and not one sided fight where Kim could show his great stand-up skills. It takes some more Jiu Jitsu and he will have a bright career in UFC.

Matyushenko – Gustaffson

This fight has started like the “ Detroit Dance” but the outcome was kind of expected by many. The Swedish young fighter just outclassed Gustaffson in the first round probably also earning himself the KO of the Night with this. Gustaffson is facing a great future in UFC:

The upset of the night is definitely Hendricks who seems to be just the one who could KO John Fitch clean.

Diaz –Cerrone

It was a great fight. Cerrone as I feared was angry and went in angry and clearly was looking for the big shot to finish and till he was thinking when to make it, he got about 30 undefeated shots to the head, in the face by which the whole fight was already decided. Cerrone had some great moves and I believe if the fight is 5 rounds might be that he win. He seems to have realised that he should fight smartly and started really to drop such things which Diaz really couldn’t handle at all. If there is just another round given I would say its Cerrone who wins the bout if he keeps on going like the 2nd and 3rd round. That machochism of his in the first round was the huge mistake he has made but we viewers of course won. I hope they meet once more for Cerrone to handle the whole Diaz situation more calmly next time, I think his anger coming into this bout was the reason why he lost. Definitely this fight will get the Fight of the Night title. (And one very valued bet lost on my side)


Sometimes it’s definitely hard to take all the BS the commentators of the UFC are saying. Overeem as a world class striker.. Hmmm. He is a good striker but far from being world class and he is not even a striker, he is more of a kneer. Many seem to confuse Overeem being a primarily stand-up fighter which he is not. We can never know what Brock Lesnar wanted to bring out of this situation because if he takes Alistair down then he would have even won this fight. Instead for some absolutely stupid reasons only he knows he started to play the boxer which he is really not. It was a very strange fight and many should learn a lot from it, which is, do not play what you are not. Overeem now will get the shot on Junior Dos Santos. It was a very sad moment when Brock has announced his retirement for which i m verz sorry for, but he is right as this sport takes toll on the body and Brock does not need to do it anymore. So hats off to Brock Lesnar !!!!!

Let me say that it was a very DUMB moment when Joe Rogan confused the name of Junior with Cain... this also just echoes my thought that Dos Santos is still somehow underrated for many. This may also mean that we may soon watch a Velasquez-Frank Mir fight...

Great event I m very glad to have the chance to watch such great fights!!!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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