Let's say something extreme, then come back to brag or eat crow

First off, forgive me...this isn't a formal fanpost by any means. This is just something that I thought would be really fun.

One of the most entertaining things about any fight is the build up. You have the people calling it a toss up, the people that can see a clear path to victory for either fighter, but then you have the people on the extremes of both ends. They claim that so and so will 'absolutely destroy' the other fighter, and that fighter B has no chance of success and etc.

It's always fun reading the extremist opinions, and it's fun to think about a few of them after the fight.

I remember a particular scenario where, for the breakdowns of UFC 129...someone mentioned Vladimir Matyushenko's knockout power, or something which a certain know it all replied "Mayushenko has never showed that he has one punch knockout power at all...and he isn't about to"

He of course, dropped Jason Brilz with the first punch he landed and knocked him out in about 20 seconds.

Those are the type of fun moments I'd love to recreate here. Nobody has to give a detailed opinion on anything. Just make some fairly black and white and perhaps arrogant/overconfident statements about the fights that will go down tonight...and after the fact, we can all come back here and joke about who was right and who was wrong. Because if there is one thing I know about MMA fans, they love it when they are right and they hate it when they are wrong.

It doesn't matter if you exaggerate...that is almost the point, take your opinion and feed it through an amplifier. I knew there was a chance Couture could beat Machida. But when I was sitting in my living room before the fight, I boldly claimed 'Machida is going to tool Couture and it's going to be sad'....I was lucky enough to be right.

So I'll start off with a few.

Brock Lesnar can't take a punch. At some point in 25 minutes, Overeem will land a punch and Lesnar will unravel.

Donald Cerrone is going to beat Nate Diaz from bell to bell.

Jon Fitch's age is catching up to him and Hendricks is going to work him over.

Vladimir Matyushenko is old and Alexander Gustafsson is going to knock him out viciously.

Ross Pearson is another arrogant british fighter and he is going to gas from the weight cut and have nothing for Junior Assuncao.

All of those statements match my predictions for the fights...but they are turned up a few notches obviously. This is the idea of what I'm getting at. Of course, if you legitimately think something like 'Overeem absolutely can't cut it against UFC level opponents' or 'Brock is just going to smash him' then by all means post it...the truer the statement is to your opinion, the funner this will be after the fights.

Because lets face it, where is the fun in making jabs at a guy who predicts that 'Overeem will win, but it could go either way'? It's a lot funner to poke some fun at the guy that was sure Lesnar would destroy Overeem.

And the best part is that everyone who is right can officially come back and bask in the everlasting glory of being right...because winning is always fun.

I hope I got my point across. So...who is getting wrecked tonight?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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