UFC Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale SPIKE TV Play by Play and Results

Tonight a chapter in UFC history comes to a close. This evening will be the final Ultimate Fighter Finale to ever air on Spike TV. The relationship which began as a last ditch effort to save the UFC had blossomed into a mutually beneficial partnership that helped build both brands. During the final year of the contract, the UFC and Spike had a falling out over negotiations. Which brings us to tonight. Before TUF makes the switch over to FX in 2012, there will be one last hurrah. The card is headlined by a clash between the coaches Michael Bisping and Jason Miller.

As with every major card, Bloody Elbow will be here for you with a live discussion and play by play of the night's happenings. The Spike TV portion of the card kicks off at 8:00 ET/7:00 CT and airs on a delay for the West Coast with a 8:00 PM start time.

SBN coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale

Louis Gaudinot vs Johnny Bedford

Round 1: Bedford lands a leg kick to open the fight. Gaudinot comes forward and gets taken down. Elbows from the top from Johnny Bedford. Bedford lands a knee to the body but the Maz warns him on the location. On the way up they trade punches. Bedford tries a trip but can't get it. Doesn't matter as his just slams Gaudinot down and then gets the high mount almost immediately. This is just a bad matchup for Louis who is a flyweight. Armbar attempt from Bedford and Gaudinot gives his back. Both hooks in and Bedford is landing punches to the face. Gaudinot is carrying a lot of weight and Gaudinot gets back to half guard. Bedford is looking for a finish but he's taking his time. He's got this fight and Gaudinot's face is a mess. Louis is starting to stand but has Bedford on his back. 10-9 round for Johnny Bedford.

Round 2: Gaudinot lands a leg kick to open the round but Bedford just bullies him backwards with punches. Spinning backfist goes over the head. Bedford get the takedown and lands a knee to the body. He's brutalizing Gaudinot with punches. Gets a high single takedown. Bedford is working from half-guard but he may as well be in side control. Gaudinot has full guard and is now has a closed guard. Bedford postures up and stands out of the guard. Bedford takes mount against and Gaudinot hip escapes to get half guard. Even working from guard it doesn't matter. Bedford is just too big and is landing huge punches that are getting through Louis' defense. North-South postiion for Bedford and he moves to mount. He's landing some big punches and elbows. He's looking for an arm as well. Maz warns for the elbow. These are just brutal. He's working for the submission and the round ends. 10-8 Bedford.

Round 3: Gaudinot's corner gave him terrible advice in between rounds. Bedford lands some clean punches to start the round. Nice body shot from Johnny Bedford. This is a fight between basically a featherweight and a flyweight. Body shots and a knee drop Gaudinot. Louis has gone fetal. How has Maz not stopped this fight? Knees to the body over and over and finally Steve Mazzigatti stops the fight. Beautiful win from Johnny Bedford.

Official Result: Johnny Bedford by TKO at 1:58 in the 3rd round.

Yves Edwards vs Anthony Ferguson

Round 1: Tony throws a kick to start the fight. Yves moves forward but can't find range. Leg kick is checked by Edwards. Three digging leg kicks from Ferguson. Straight left lands for Yves as does the body punch. Ferguson can't find range on his punches. Straight kick lands for Tony. Yves lands a combination and then a head kick which all connect. Yves throws a combination but only connects on one punch. Leg kick lands for Ferguson. Leg kick lands for Edwards. Uppercut from Ferguson. Leg kick from Ferguson. Jab backs Tony Ferguson up. Right hand lands for Tony Ferguson. Nice head movement and footwork from Ferguson. Lead uppercut lands for Ferguson. And again. Yves gets stunned and is trying to find space. Head kick from Yves and they are just trading. Yves looks for a takedown and Ferguson rolls to an omoplata. Great first round. 10-9 Ferguson.

Round 2: Ferguson is landing those leg kicks. Edwards lands a combination. Right hook from Edwards stumbles Ferguson. Follows up with ah head kick. Flying knee from Edwards. Ferguson has a helluva chin. Ferguson lands some leg kicks and a straight right. Lead uppercut from Tony. Doubles up on the hooks. Bodywork from Yves Edwards. Ferguson is missing a lot of his punches. Left hand lands for Yves but he's hit with the counter punch. Head kick again from Yves. Yves again looks for the takedown to end the round but can't get it. Ferguson gets the takedown and the round ends. 10-9 Yves.

Round 3: Jab lands for Ferguson to open the round. Left hand-Left kick lands for Edwards. Yves throws a high kick and then an overhand right. Body kick from Tony Ferguson. Leg kick from Edwards spins Ferguson. They trade inside leg kicks. Yves misses with a straight left. Two legs kicks from Yves. Overhand lands for Yves as does the head kick. Slooooooow spinning backfist from Ferguson misses. Combination from Yves lands. Leaping hook from Ferguson misses. Lunging superman punch misses. Head kick again lands from Yves. Yves again looks for the takedown and can't get it. He follows up with the overhand right. 10-9 Yves Edwards.

Official Result: Tony Ferguson by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28). That's some terrible judging.

T.J. Dillashaw vs John Dodson

Round 1: Dodson lands a left hand that staggers Dillashaw. He's looking fast completely avoiding all of T.J.'s punches. Dodson lands some leg kicks. As T.J. runs forward Dodson drops him with a forearm and then a right hand to the jaw. He pounces and lands some hammer fists and Herb Dean stops the fight. May have been kinda early but who will honestly complain besides T.J.'s camp?

Official Result: John Dodson by TKO (Referee Stoppage) at 1:54 in the first round.

Dennis Bermudez vs Diego Brandao

Round 1: Bermudez immediately looks for the takedown and then lands a solid punch on the escape. Brandao throws a knee and is taken down. He lands a double upkick as Bermudez tries to dive forward. Bermudez works a guillotine but doesn't drop down. Brandao throws a wild punch and misses. Bermudez comes forward with a leaping body kick. Right hand from Brandao drops Dennis. Solid leg kick from Brandao. Bermudez just keeps getting punched in the face and wobbled. Flying knee lands for Brandao as Bermudez drops for a takedown. He's working from halfguard and then takes Bermudez' back. He stands and hits a suplex. Straight right from Brumedez drops Brandao. Bermudez is relentless from top position. Brandao with a super slick armbar and Bermudez is forced to tap. That was slick as hell.

Official Result: Diego Brandao by Submission (Arm Bar) at 4:51 in round 1.

Michael Bisping vs Jason Miller

Round 1: Leg kick from Mayhem as well as a combo. Body kick from Mayhem. U-S-A! Chants. They clinch against the fence and exchange knees. Mayhem gets the plumb but theres no distance to do anything. Bisping pushes off. Meyhem lands an overhand right. Mayhem is relentless and gets the takedown. Bisping is trying to wall-walk but Mayhem gets mount. Nice body shot from Mayhem. Bisping looking for the stand up. Maz warns Mayhem for grabbing the fence. Mayhem landing short punches. Bisping finally stands but he spent a ton of time on the ground. Straight right lands for Bisping. Jab for mMayhem. Left hook lands for Bisping. Hook from Mayhem. Mayhem's striking is definitely throwing Bisping off. 10-9 Mayhem.

Round 2: Mayhem's striking is sloppy. Mayhem tries a takedown but throws a knee when it's stuffed. Bisping lands a straight left. Mayhem drives forward for a takedown but Bisping defends well and turns Mayhem into the cage. Mike is saying that they clashed heads and backs away. Accidental headbutt and time stops. Combination lands for Mayhem. Mayhem drops down for a takedown but comes up with nothing. He's looking slow. Knee to the body from Bisping. Mayhem's face is bloodied. He's Werduming this fight. Bisping throws a headkick while Mayhem is sitting on his butt. That's illegal Mikey. Mayhem dives for a leg and Bisping escapes. Five punch combo for Bisping. Punches to the body. Mayhem looks so tired after nine minutes of the fight. Mayhem takes a deep breath. Jumping knee from Bisping. Mayhem takes the punches and he's just looking for Bisping to punch him. 10 seconds left and Bisping is on top landing elbows. Those looked to be 12-6 but that's me. 10-9 Bisping.

Round 3: Mayhem comes out firing to start the round. Jason tries to pull guard but Bisping doesn't want to join him on the ground. Solid straight right for Bisping. Body work form Bisping. Bisping said he was poked in the eye and walks away. Mayhem shoots and grabs a single. Bisping sprawls and takes Mayhem's back. He's landing punches and knees to the body. Mayhem rolls for a leg and gets guard. Elbow from Bisping. Mayhem's face is a mess. He's exhausted. Bisping is relentless with knees to the body. He's landing punches to the head as Mayhem turtles up. Maz stops the fight.

Official Result: Michael Bisping by TKO (Referee Stoppage) at 3:34 in the 3rd Round.

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