UFC Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale Facebook Play by Play and Results

Tonight a chapter in UFC history comes to a close. This evening will be the final Ultimate Fighter Finale to ever air on Spike TV. The relationship which began as a last ditch effort to save the UFC had blossomed into a mutually beneficial partnership that helped build both brands. During the final year of the contract, the UFC and Spike had a falling out over negotiations. Which brings us to tonight. Before TUF makes the switch over to FX in 2012, there will be one last hurrah. The card is headlined by a clash between the coaches Michael Bisping and Jason Miller.

As with every major card, Bloody Elbow will be here for you with a live discussion and play by play of the night's happenings. The Facebook portion of the card kicks off at 5:45 ET/2:45 PT. The Main Card will be in a separate thread for the Spike televised card.

SBN coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale

Bryan Caraway vs Dustin Neace

Round 1: Caraway lands a left hook that wobbles Neace. Bryan Caraway gets the takedown and is working from the top. His hips are heavy and he's landing some pretty decent ground and pound. Neace throws up a strange looking triangle. It wasn't really inverted but Neace had the arm trapped. Caraway escapes and passes to side control. He then takes Neace's back and start working for a submission. Looks like an arm bar but Neace survives and the round ends. 10-9 Caraway

Round 2: Caraway opens the round with a leg kick. Neace lands a solid hook. Caraway with his own. Bryan with an overhand right that grazes Dustin Neace. Leg kick from Caraway. Nice footwork by Caraway to avoid those punches. Caraway comes forward with punches and then gets the single leg to side control. Neace gives his back and Caraway uses an over-under to keep the fight on the ground. He looks for a kimura and Neace takes him down. Caraway scrambles and takes the back with both hooks in. Bryan Caraway sinks in the Rear Naked Choke and Dustin Neace taps.

Official Results: Bryan Caraway by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:53 in Round 2.

Steven Siler vs Josh Clopton

Round 1: Steve Siler innitiates the thai clinch and starts throwing knees. Clopton lands a nice punch to break the clinch momentarily but Siler gets it again and throws more knees. They break and again Siler gets the clinch and it's a tight plumb. He's kneeing Clopton in the face and they clinch against the cage. Clopton breaks again and Siler tries a jumping knee that is caught and he's thrown to the ground. Clopton clinches against the fence and Siler takes the thai clinch again. Clopton lands some body punches to break the clinch. He lands a solid jab that stuns Siler. Left hook by Clopton drops Siler. Body work against the cage by Clopton. Clopton breaks and Siler runs forward with punches. Knee to the body and he gets the guillotine. Clopton gives the thumbs up as the round ends. 10-9 Siler.

Round 2: Clopton lands a lead right hand to open the round and then initiates the clinch against the cage. Siler with the plumb and then switches to the single. Siler connects with the uppercut and then to the clinch. Elbows from the clinch are beautiful. Knees to the chin. Siler is just giving Clopton the business. Knees and Clopton can't break the clinch. These are all landing cleanly and Herb Dean has to be close to stopping the fight. Clopton survives but he's not doing a good job escaping this position. A minute left and Siler is still working the clinch. They're all landing to the head. Finally Clopton pushes off and his face looks like a mess. If Siler can land those with more power he's gonna be a machine. Clopton lands some punches but he's just surviving. Another takedown from Clopton to end the round that he lands in the guillotine. Does Clopton think he's stealing the round? 10-8 Siler.

Round 3: Right hand by Clopton and he looks for a takedown. Siler gets the headlock and starts working for knees. He releases and they clinch against the cage. Siler with the leg trip takedown. Siler is stuck in the guard and working shoulder strikes. Clopton isn't doing anything but shoulder strikes. Siler stands and gets the clinch again. Three knees and an elbow strike. Siler runs forward and Clopton drops for the takedown. Clopton doesn't do anything on the ground. Siler with an open guard and he's throwing punches from the bottom. Herb warns he'll stand them up. I think that's a good idea. Clopton hasn't made any attempt to pass. Rubber guard by Siler. Clopton postures up and lands a hammer fist but the space allows Siler to stand. Siler just lands some clean punches. Clopton is without a mouthguard. 10-9 Siler again. This was a great showing from Steve Siler.

Official Result: Steve Siler by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Roland Delorme vs Josh Ferguson

Round 1: Josh Ferguson gets the fight to the ground and Delorme locks him in a triangle. Ferguson isn't in any trouble of getting submitted but he's not able to defend anything in this position. He's throwing punches and elbows and Ferguson is just taking them. He tries to sink in the triangle but Ferguson is surviving. Delorme is threatening with the arm bar and then switches to an opposite side triangle. Delorme then rolls for an omoplata and Ferguson stands out of it. He then passes to side control and then mount. Delorme gives his back and Ferguson gets his hooks. Josh threatens with an arm bar and Delorme rolls through and then ends in top control as the round ends. 10-9 Delorme.

Round 2: Delorme lands a kick and Ferguson catches it. Ferguson comes forward with punches and lands a left hook. Left hook by Ferguson after a body kick. Leg kick from Delorme is caught. Jumping hook from Ferguson. Left hook from Delorme. Ferguson responds with his own. Spinning back fist misses for Ferguson but he lands a knee afterwards. Delorme isn't as fluid on his feet as Ferguson. Body kick from Ferguson. Knee from Delorme. Delorme tries a takedown but Ferguson ends up on top. Hip escape from Delorme to try and create space. Ferguson looking for a guillotine but Delorme does well with defending. Standing guillotine and Josh drops down but Delorme ends up in side contorl. Delorme stands and is stumbled by a stiff jab. Josh Ferguson is landing some beautiful punches. Wizzer takedown attempt and Delorme is on top to end the round. 10-9 Ferguson.

Round 3: Ferguson gets dropped and Delorme follows him to the ground. Quickly gets the back and sinks in the choke. Ferguson is forced to tap to the rear naked choke. Crazy how fast the round ended.

Official Result: Roland Delorme by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at :22 in Round 3

Dustin Pague vs John Albert

Round 1: Albert closes the distance quickly. Pague lands a leg kick and the punches. Albert lands a huge right hand to the chin and drops Pague. He's throwing elbows and hammerfists. He has Pague gift wrapped. He's just punching him in the face and Pague is defenseless. Herb Dean stops the fight and John Albert yells "UFC!" in celebration. Pague thinks it's an early stoppage but homeboy, you're not doing anything cept blocking punches with your nose. John Albert by TKO.

Official Result: John Albert by TKO at 1:09 in the first round.

Marcus Brimage vs Stephen Bass

Round 1: Brimage is the first to land with a lead right and then a left hook. He comes forward again and lands more clean punches. Bass tries to clinch up but Brimage pushes off and gets distance. Brimage with some good footwork and combinations. Bass clinches but Brimage is landing to the body and head. Bass is looking sluggish on his feet. Bass really hasn't done much as far as offense is concerned. Brimage lands another combination. And a superman punch. Leg kick from Bass but Brimage with a counter punch almost immediately. Bass looks for another takedown and Brimage shrugs it off. Knee to the body from Bass. Bass looks like's clenching his teeth. He lands a two punch combination but doesn't really hurt Brimage. Brimage with a right hook that lands to the chin. Leg kick from Brimage. Brimage lands another leg kick and Bass looks in pain. 10-9 Brimage.

Round 2: Bass unsuccessfully attempts a takedown. Leg kick from Brimage lands on the cup. Just a solid kick to the jewels. Leg kick again from Brimage when the action continues. Bass lands a combination but Brimage gets his shots in as well. Oh man Brimage takes a groin kick that drops him. That was straight shin. Bass gets warned. Marcus is hurt he's trying to walk it off. Josh Rosenthal asks if he's okay and the action continues. Brimage comes out like a bat outta hell with a flying knee. Bass tries another takedown and he's unsuccessful again. Leg kick from Brimage drops Bass. Right hook lands for Marcus. Bass is moving incredibly slow as he circles away. Bass dives for a takedown but can't find it. Brimage working angles. Leg kick works for Marcus and he's stunned on the counter punch. Marcus stops another takedown. Bass is just trying for these takedown and hasn't been successful on any. Brimage looks for a takedown. His pace may have tired him out. Bass lands a counter to a left hand. 10-9 Brimage but he's looking tired.

Round 3: Bass just throwing punches with reckless abandon. He tries a flying knee and Brimage gets the takedown. This is just a firefight. This is how a fighter should fight when they know they are down two rounds. Bass is the aggressor coming forward. Bass finally gets a single but he's stuffed again. Bass has 2:45 left to finisht he fight. Straight left from Brimage. Combo from Bass. Brimage is playing the counter game. Bass runs forward and Brimage backs him off with a kick. Bass looking for an uppercut but Brimage lands a straight left. Jab-Hook from Brimage. Jab-Straight from Brimage. Bass is just throwing bombs looking to finish drops Brimage. Horn sounds and the fight is over. 10-9 Bass. Great fight for Marcus Brimage. Good on Bass to look to finish.

Official Result: Marcus Brimage by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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