Cotto vs. Margarito: Live Results and Round-by-Round Coverage

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 02: Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico, Top Rank CEO Bob Arum and Antonio Margarito of Mexico pose for the media during their weigh in at The Theater at Madison Square Garden on December 2, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Antonio Margarito vs. Miguel Cotto II is a match that for all of the criticisms and politics, is set to resolve itself tonight at Madison Square Garden on HBO. The PPV Broadcast will begin at 9 p.m. ET, which you can watch through Top Rank.

The two boxers are not set to resolve some petty rivalry. Margarito's criminal offense in his fight with Shane Mosley underlines the first bout with Cotto in ways Cotto feels could have compromised his health. And so the two men will take to the square stage in a fight that will be both primal, and personal.

In other action, Brandon Rios is set to fight John Murray in a bout that saw Rios miss weight, only to finally make it early Saturday morning (raising questions about what kind of performance to expect from him). Mike Jones will also be in action against Sebastian Lujan, and Pawel Wolak is set to face off against Delvin Rodriquez in the only 10 rounder of the night.

Bloody Elbow will be bringing you a live play-by-play of the event, so be sure to tune in. Whether you're a Cotto mark, a Margarito fan, or just a bystander looking for Lady Justice to break her foot off in Team Margarito's tuchus, follow us after the jump for the results of the event as it happens.

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Mike Jones vs. Sebastian Lujan

Round 1: Lujan comes out moving forward a lot, with very few punches getting thrown. He finally throws a few, and it's clear he's relying on a Margarito-style pressure game for victory. A few punches to the body by Lujan. Jones responds with a few and now starts snapping the jab. Jones lands a hard right with 30 seconds left! Lujan looks ok, but an overhand caught his attention (right near and behind the ear). Jones doesn't pressure much afterward. Jones 10-9.

Round 2: Nice left hook by Jones to punctuate the begining of round 1. Lands a nice right uppercut. Jones appears to be taking control. Lujan continues to move around, feinting irresponsibly and clumsily. Jones presses forward with a minute and 30 left, pumping the jab and landing solid body shots. Jones continues going to the body. Jones 10-9.

Round 3: More awkward clinching by Lujan. Jones pumping the jab. Jones isn't the most accurate puncher, but he had the clubbing power of a Kermit Cintron type (not sure if that's good or bad). Lujan continues his Clay Guida-esque arbitrary feinting and gets caught with a few. A minute is left in the round and there's not much going. If I could interject for a second: Andre Berto would wreck Jones. The crowd begins to boo as if Jon Fitch is in the ring. Jones 10-9.

Round 4: The booing was for Margarito on the jumbo. Jones opens the fight with a good left hook to the body and appears to be picking up the pace. Lujan pushes forward like he's about to faceplant with every exchange. Lujan now with his hands completely down, but moving forward and Jones isn't countering. Nice random and wild left hook lands by Lujan. Jones lands a nice body shot. I can't believe Lujan isn't being punished for his swiss cheese defense. Jones is clearly superior. Lujan keeps going forward with lunging, looping punches. Jones responds with a jab every now and then, but not much else. Lujan 10-9.

Round 5: Wild left by Jones. Lujan with a wild left of his own. Lujan keeps trying to block punches by waving his head back but gets caught anyway. Nice exchange by both fighters, for what it's worth. Jones has Lujan against the ropes and lands a couple, but never keeps the pressure up. Nice uppercut by Jones. Lujan keeps moving forward with his hands down and Jones finally punishes him with a body, head, head combination. Commentators call Lujan "awkward", taking cues from Joe Rogan's school of improper descriptions for bad technique. Jones 10-9.

Round 6: Not much going on in the 7th. More of the same and Lujan gets off some of the worst jabs to the body you'll ever see. Lujan with more clubbing right hands over the top. Jones doubles, and then triples on the left hook for a moment. None land with conviction. "He's a little bit more slick than we're giving him credit for", the commentators bellow. No. He's not slick. It's bad technique, but he's rewarded this round because Jones did nothing. Jones landed the better shots. Jones 10-9.

Round 7: Some booing from the crowd while Lujan and Jones finally exchange wildly (but clumsily). Perhaps that gives you an indication of what we're watching. Punches are being landed in this exchanges, and none with conviction. The story of the fight is Lujan moving forward, feinting, throwing no look jabs, and clubbing right hands, and Jones lands the better shots but never with any consistency. The commentators finally get it right and call Lujan 'sloppy'. Jones 10-9.

Round 8: Same thing for round 8 after the first 40 seconds. Jones is landing more, but just doesn't put his foot on the gas. Both engage in the clinch somewhat embarrassingly. I don't mean to be negative, but yea, I kind of do. Jones is outboxing Lujan, but it's a frustrating kind of 'outboxing'. Jones is now landing more, and cracks Lujan with a left hook just as I think about bitching about this fight for another sentence. Jones 10-9.

Round 9: Lujan with what appear to be 4 clumsy jabs in a row and Jones can't punish. Jones now pumping his jab halfway through the round. He's landing with regularity now, but it's just jabs. Jones with several good hooks to the body. Lujan is still moving forward. Jones with a decent combination to the body and head. Jones 10-9.

Round 10: More "shoe shine punches" on the inside by Jones. Lujan presses forward with clubbing shots that come in incredibly wide. This continues for a minute. Jones with more combinations, and seems to find success when he's mixing it up with the body and then the head, otherwise Lujan is able to avoid the big shots with "awkward" movement. Jones with a solid right hand towards the end. Jones 10-9.

Round 11: The crowd is getting restless. Lujan with the pressure, and Jones can't land to the head with regularity. The same sequence repeats itself with 1:30 left in the round. A clash of heads punctuates the sloppy exchange. Lujan punches in with a left and keeps throwing. Jones finally counters hard and Lujan does his best Mayorga impression of showmanship. Jones with a big left and he catches him as Lujan bobbles back and forth with his hands down. Weird, comical sequence. Jones 10-9.

Round 12: Final round, thank Christ. Lujan is pressing forward, and Jones can't punish. Rinse, repeat. If I were to copy and paste my descriptions from every other round other than 4, you would have your description of this round. Jones finally lands with conviction towards the end, but it's too little too late. Wow. Jones 10-9, and Jones with the UD, but what a dreadful performance by both men.

Pawel Wolak vs. Delvin Rodriquez

Round 1: Delvin doubles on the left hook, which are both blocked a minute in. Wolak lands a nice left hook and backs Delvin up. Excellent thudding jab by Wolak coming in. Pawel moving forward landing the cleaner shots so far. Both exchange jabs, and Delvin goes to the body. Nice straight by Delvin. Wolak moves forward and goes to the body. Intriguing round. Close round. I think it was a 10-10, but my stream got kind of funky. .

Round 2: Nice exchange to open the round. Delvin with a left hook upstairs. Wolak moves forward with hooks to the body. Both are clinched, and have a difficult time separating. Wolak goes to the body with a minute and a half left. Dlevin lands a left hook. Wolak goes to the body, and both again get stuck in the clinch, with not much doing. Nice left upstairs by Wolak and Delvin lands a nice right, and both exchange with not much landing. Rodriquez 10-9.

Round 3: Wolak comes forward with a body/head combo. Delvin responds with a nice combination upstairs, mostly blocked. Wolak lands a clubbing overhand right while both are stuck in the clinch. Delvin with a solid right upstairs and throws a combination and then follows up with an uppercut. Wolak continues pressing forward, and then Delvin lands a solid left hook. Left hook to the body by Pawel. Left hook upstairs by Delvin. Rodriquez is having success upstairs. Rodriquez 10-9.

Round 4: Nice uppercut by Delvin, taking off from the last round. Both are in the shark tank. Wolak chops away at the body. Excellent combination by Delvin! A mix of uppercuts and hooks back Wolak up. He maintains his composure though. Delvin throws another string of punches but Pawel isn't discouraged, and lands a right of his own. Rodriquez 10-9.

Round 5: Pawel starts out the aggressor, trying to dig to the body. Brutal snapping uppercut by Delvin and Wolak isn't phased. Delvin with a combination that is mostly blocked. Both are in the clinch, trying to chop away. Not an eventful round, but still interesting enough and perhaps a breather round for both men. Rodriquez 10-9.

Round 6: Wolak again the aggressor, and tries digging to the body. He lands a decent uppercut and Delvin lands chopping hooks just outside the clinch. They finally get some distance and Delvin lands a nice right. Back in the clinch, and Wolak lands a nice slappng right to the body. Delvin spins Pawel off of him, and lands a decent right, but Wolak is the workhorse in this round. Again my stream is acting kind of wonky, but I called it 10-9 for Wolak.

Round 7: Wolak keeps coming forward, not landing much, but it probably looks good to the judges. It looked good to me in round 6. Nice straight right by Delvin. Then a left uppercut and now he's getting on his bicycle. Kind of a strange sequence from Delvin. Wolak lands a clubbing right, and Delvin counters with an uppercut. Nice chopping right inside by Delvin. He throws a combination that's mostly blocked, and now a left hook that lands. Rodriquez 10-9.

Round 8: Searing combination by Delvin to begin the round. Wolek keeps moving forward. Delvin with a crackling left hook. He's staying on the outside more, and being rewarded as a result with another searing combination of uppercuts and hooks. A minute and 30 left. Delvin misses a big right. Wolak moves forward with not much doing. Wolak hasn't landed a clean punch yet with less than 30 seconds left. Rodriquez 10-9.

Round 9: Delvin with a nice combination. Wolak doesn't know how to do anything but move forward and so he does. Brilliant uppercut/hook combination by Delvin. Like everything else, Pawel takes it well. He's got nothing for Delvin moving forward. Left hook by Delvin. Rodriquez 10-9.

Round 10: Delvin with a nice right and a brutal combination filled with uppercuts and hooks, which Pawel takes. Delvin with another brutal combination and Pawel is hurt! Another uppercut catches him. Delvin with a searing right! Another uppercut, and then a left hook. Delvin puts his hands down for some gamesmanship, and then lands more punches. Right, left, uppercut, and that's the end of the round. Brutal round. Rodriquez 10-8. Rodriquez with the clear UD on this one.

Brandon Rios vs. John Murray

The feed cuts to clips from the press conference and is wisely cut short as Rios opens his mouth.

Round 1: Both exchange sharp jabs to open the bout. Rios with an uppercut inside. Murray with a chopping hook as both continue exchanging in close. Right by Murray, and an uppercut by Rios. Both are still fighting inside. Rios with the jab, Murray with a shot to the body. Both dig to the body and Rios lands a nice right, and then a left upstairs. Chopping shots upstairs and inside by Rios. Now he goes to the body. Rios 10-9.

Round 2: Murray opens as the aggressor with a nice lunging but sharp left hook. Both get right back inside and its Rios with the better shots inside. Now at a distance, Rios controls with the jab. Nice left hook by Rios and then several hooks landed by Murray. Rios takes them well. Murray staying active to the body. Rios lands a few inside. Murray with a nice shot to the body. Rios with chopping uppercuts upstairs inside. Solid right lands by Rios and then Murray responds with one of his own. Good, close round. Rios 10-9.

Round 3: Murray comes out active. Not much landing. Rios with a nice left hook inside. Now he backs Murray up with a jab. On the outside Murray lands a few, and then Rios responds back. Rios with the better shots inside and backs Murray up. He doubles up on the left uppercut inside and continues chopping away at Murray. Murray gets a few shots off and Rios comes back. Rios with another combination on the inside. He's winning the exchanges on the inside but Murray seems more effective at a distance, in the few instances they're not inside. Rios 10-9.

Round 4: Both stay active at a distance for once and exchange jabs. Rios with the better right hands, Murray lands a nice combination. Murray with a nice combination upstairs. Rios smiles in response. Murray with shots to the body and then a nice combo upstairs. Rios has had his least active round, and Murray is having success at a distance. Murray 10-9.

Round 5: Murray again the aggressor as the two exchange on the outside. Murray goes to the body and Rios responds right back. Combination upstairs by Murray. Rios responds with a left to the body. Murray lands a right from the outside. Murray is now winning the exchanges on the inside as well. Rios with a left uppercut. Murray with a combination that's mostly blocked. Murray is simply the more active guy, and Rios' output appears to be dissipating. Murray 10-9.

Round 6: Murray fires some punches, and Rios suddenly picks it up and lands a few punches of his own. Rios now with punches to the body and then several jabs to the face. Murray's eye appears to be affecting him, and at the same time, Rios is turning it up. Murray with a good combination. Now Rios with a better one. Rios lands a solid right and begins backing Murray up. Murray is bleeding profusely. Rios moves forward and lands some more uppercuts. Rios 10-9. Interesting momentum swing.

Round 7: Rios continues where he left off, and is now the aggressor. Punches to the body inside and Murray is backing up. Rios pumps the jab, and lands a nice left hook to the body. Murray hasn't thrown much and Rios maintains the pressure. Murray tries to fight back, and Rios walks through his punches and lands his own. Murray lands a nice left, but his eye is looking bad. Murray with a low blow, and the ref takes a point away. No warning, just takes a point away. I don't agree with the call, but there was no question Rios took a shot to the groin. Rios 10-8.

Round 8: Murray comes out the aggressor, knowing he's down in the fight after the point got taken away. Rios not quite as active, and Murray is capitalizing on it. Now Rios picks it up and lands several to the body on the inside and then upstairs. Rios with uppercuts inside. Murray with a nice shot upstairs. Back inside, and Rios is controlling the action again. Close round, but I still give it to Rios, 10-9.

Round 9: Rios is again controlling the action inside with a series of uppercuts and hooks. Rios on the outside, controlling the fight with the jab now. Murray with a nice combination on the outside, and he's a faded fighter at this point. Rios with a big right. Murray swings back. Rios 10-9.

Round 10: Murray is still fighting valiantly, throwing combinations on the inside. Big looping right by Rios. Murray takes it well. Now Murray with good shots on the outside. He doubles up on his hooks. Rios now pressuring Murray but Murray backs him up with his own combination. Rios with shots inside to the body and upstairs. Both exchange shots inside with 40 seconds left. Now Rios backs Murray into the corner. Rios with chopping shots inside. Murray throws a few but Rios lands the best shot in the exchange. Close round, but I have it Rios 10-9

Round 11: Rios with chopping punches outside. Both guys exchanging hard and Rios lands a hard right hand. Now a left hook and he's all over Murray with uppercuts, hooks, and right hands. Hard right! And that's it! The ref stops the fight. Rios by TKO in round 11.

Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito

Steve Smoger our referee.

Round 1: Cotto walks away during the staredown, making his disrespect explicit. Here we go. Cotto bouncing around, looking to stick and move and lands a nice right. Margarito isn't active, but give him time. Cotto continues moving around and lands a nice left hook. Cotto with a right and a left. Margarito responds with a left of his own. Cotto with a nice left hook. Antonio pumping the jab now with a minute left. Big right hand, left hook combination. Margarito walks through it. Combination by Cotto, and he stays off the ropes which is what got him in trouble in the first fight. Margarito pumps the jab and then lands a right hand. Cotto 10-9.

Round 2: Cotto's looking sharp, but you wonder how long it'll take for Margarito to wake up. They begin exchanging jabs in the 2nd. Cotto with a sharp left to the body. Right hand lands by Cotto. Margarito still pumps his jab, but not many power shots yet. Cotto with a hard right hand upstairs. Now with a combination upstairs, and the crowd responds to every punch. Margarito swings his left wildly and misses. Cotto with another combination, and keeps moving. Cotto pumps his jab and stiffens Margarito up. Cotto misses with a combo and Margarito attempts a big right. Cotto 10-9.

Round 3: Margarito, perhaps sensing he's losing, charges in and looks to be the aggressor. Cotto with a searing combination, and Margarito smiles. Cotto gets in a left hook and Margarito charges forward, again, not landing much, and not throwing with much conviction. Antonio appears to land a nice uppercut. Now he lunges in and Cotto lands a brutal combination! Brutal exchange with a minute left! Cotto's combat switch just turned on and both are slugging! Cotto against the ropes and clinches his way back into the center of the ring. Margarito is cut but still coming forward. Cotto 10-9. Brilliant round.

Round 4: Cotto pumps the jab right away. Margarito continues to smile throughout. Big right by Cotto. And then a left hook. Nice jab, and Margarito can't get inside. Brutal right by Cotto, and again, Margarito walks through it. Margarito now stalking Cotto. Nice left by Cotto. Now Margarito on the inside with uppercuts. Brief exchange in the center of the ring with a minute left. Cotto chases Margarito with a left. They clinch, and Margarito gets some left hands off. Margarito smiles some more like some sort of crazed masochist. Cotto 10-9 with the shutout so far.

Round 5: Cotto beings with a nice right hand to open the round. He pumps his jab and lands some more inside. Margarito continues pressing forward. He still can't get his shots off with Cotto staying in the center. Maragrito now comes forward spiritedly and lands a few. Big left by Cotto and Margarito walks through it, smiling, and talking to Cotto in the middle of the ring. Nice right by Antonio and Cotto gets off the ropes. Cotto 10-9. Better round for Margarito, and this is where it should get interesting.

Round 6: Both open the round in the clinch with not much doing. Cotto pumps the jab and is sticking and moving. Margarito chases Cotto down and the two clinch. Both guys finally get inside and exchange a few. Margarito is still chasing Cotto down, but can't do it. Good left to the body by Margarito. Cotto with a hard left and Margarito stumbles off balance with his hand pressed down by Cotto's elbow. Cotto back on his bicycle. Cotto 10-9. "I'm gonna give it to Margarito because it was the closest round for Margarito" Terrible logic on the part of the commentators.

Round 7:Cotto with a nice left and maintains his presence in the center. Margarito tries to get inside Cotto with a right. Now Margarito stalks him again. Nice left by Cotto, and it's the same story at this point: Margarito stalks, Cotto moves. Not much action despite a lot of moving around. Cotto lands a shot after the bell. Margarito smiles. Cotto 10-9. And Margarito's bad eye is swelling up bad.

Round 8: Cotto with a nice left, right, left combination. Cotto pumps the jab to that bad eye, and you have to wonder at one point this will be a factor for the doctors. Time has been called: tape on Cotto's gloves need to be cut loose. The round continues with a little under two minutes left. Cotto gets back on his bicycle. Nice exchange, and Margarito is doing his best to chase Cotto down. Cotto with a combination that is mostly blocked. Both clinch and Margarito gets in chopping shots to the body. Uppercut by Margarito lands inside. And a nice right land. Searing exchange at the end with Cotto ending it (not the fight) with a left hook. Cotto 10-9.

Round 9: The fight is in danger of being stopped but they let it go. Brilliant left uppercut by Cotto. Left to the body by Margarito. Both are against the ropes. Cotto with a combination upstairs. They awkwardly clinch. Margarito lands some thudding shots and Cotto comes back with a combination of his own. Brilliant exchange against the ropes. Margarito with a series of uppercuts, and then a Thai clinch. Cotto 10-9.

Round 10: The bell has sounded, but the doctors are still talking to Margarito. They leave and there's still commotion in Antonio's corner. Smoger wasn't informed, and Cotto wins by TKO, round 10.

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