Brock moves from Face to Sell Out. The Surreal Match of WMXX

Brock had everything; fans, money, and Sable. But for a man that had it all it appeared that happiness eluded him. And like the sword of Damocles, this inner conflict battered at Brock until he decided to quit "the business." Lets look after the jump.

For a man like Brock, competition was in his blood. He became NCAA champion, he learned the prowrestling trade quickly and moved up the ladder in startling fashion. However, Brock grew tired of the constant travel, the lack of time off, the everlasting engagement with fans, and the fact that there were no other hills to climb in the WWF/WWE. He did everything and so when Brock tires (as many MMA fans think) he decides to quit and move to something different.

The decision was suppose to be kept secret as the build up was working its way to Wrestlemania. Goldberg on the other hand had publicly signaled that he was leaving the company and it was expected that he would do the right thing and laydown for Brock. Nevertheless, days before Wrestlemania news broke that Brock was going to leave the WWE too. This angered the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) and the fans at large. So much so that the result to the match was changed and Steve Austin (designated to be the guest referee) had to save the ending for the fans. The match itself was a surreal moment. It was held in the cauldron of "smart fans" Madison Square Garden and it didn't matter what Brock or Goldberg did they were booed, called Sell outs, chants of boring and Shana na na hey hey goodbye. The only cheers to be heard that night was for Stone Cold Steve Austin. First Video is the Build Up to Wrestlemania

Brock Lesnar VS Goldberg WrestleMania XX Build Up Segement In HD (via GoodVXSEvil)

The Second is the craziest match of Wrestlemania

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg (Wrestlemania 20) Part 1/2 (via Lee9k)

Here is part 2 and the crazy finish.

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg (Wrestlemania 20) Part 2/2 (via Lee9k)

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