The 20 Unhappiest People You Meet In The Comments Sections Of Bloody Elbow Year End Lists/Rankings

This was ripped off an NPR blog post but adjusted for BE, but some are verbatim.

1. The Poisoned. "The fact that you included a Bellator fight on this list of top fights of the year makes it a total joke."

2. The Really Pretty Sure Person, Who Is Really Pretty Sure. "I've never seen Hatsu Hioki fight, but I'm really pretty sure he's not as good as Mark Hominick."

3. The Person Who Is Exactly Right. "It really seems like this list of fighters you thought were good is just your opinion."

4. The Surprisingly Lucid Narcoleptic. "ZZZZZZZZZ" is the classic. "SNORE" and "YAWN" are acceptable variants.

5. The Friend Of Tim "regional show" Matterley. "There is a fighter in Ann Arbor named Tim Matterley who is better than all these guys! You would love his fights. You can follow him @Tim_regional_show, and check out his videos on youtube. Please check out Tim Matterley and Tweet @danawhite to get him into the UFC. I am just one fan but I think he is great and he will go far!!!"

6. The Pride Never Die Guy. "Not one of these fights are as good as what Pride had." On a list of Pride fights, by the way, he will say none of the Pride fights were as good as the Pancrase ones used to be. He also hates HD TV, which he may or may not mention.

7. The Self-Punisher. "I always hate your tastes, so I knew this would be a miserable and useless list before I decided to click on it and read the whole thing, and now I know I was right."

8. The Unwitting Outlier. "Has anyone really cared about Ben Henderson since he left WEC?"

9. The Person With The Imperfect Grasp Of Obscurity."These are all completely obscure picks nobody has ever heard of. Bones Jones sounds like bad pornstar."

10. Harry The Hipster-Hater, Who Really, Really Hates Hipsters. "These are all hipster picks. I guess it's okay for hipsters, but I'm not enough of a hipster to like hipster picks like this. Too bad I'm not hipster enough. Maybe I'd like it better if I were more of a hipster." [His username: "notahipstersorry."]

11. The Person Who Thinks You Were So Close. "I like all these picks, but you ranked Frankie Edgar as your #4 p4p and Jose Aldo as your #5, and they should be the other way around. FAIL."

12. The Person Who Never Says Die. "Why isn't Fedor on this list?"

13. The Subject-Changer. "If we're talking about comeback of the year, I don't know how you can leave out Gabrielle Giffords. The way she fought back after being shot in the head was incredible."

14. The Minimalist. "These blow."

15. The Person Who Is Probably Too Hardcore For You."The KO of the year took place in the former soviet nation of North Ossetia between one guy whose last name ends with "dov" and another whose last name ends with "vich" and featured a missed capoeira Au Batido into a Meia Lua De Compassa. I guess that's probably a little too hardcore for you. You should watch something other than UFC, Strikeforce, and Bellator once while."

16. The Person Who Is Laughing But Is Actually Not At All Amused. "You put Chan Sung Jung's twister on your list instead of Mir breaking Nogueira's arm? Ha ha ha yeah right."

17. The Concerned. "What's wrong with you? No, seriously, what's wrong with you?"

18. The Person Who Wanted To Be Surprised. "Uh, way to go out on a limb. These are the same things you've been talking about all year and saying were the best things when they came out in the first place."

19. The Disbelieving. "Really? Are you serious? Did you mean to leave off my favorite KO? Or did something happen? Did you forget how Randy's tooth went flying? Did you think it didn't happen this year? Did you write it down and then accidentally delete it in a technology mishap? Do you not know how to spell Machida? Really? Are you kidding?"

20. The Humble Alternative. "If you really want to know what the best choices of the year were, I put my list up at my site, — it's not just about Greco wrestling!"

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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