BE Civil War - Registration Closed: Final Pre-Draft Post

A Message From Our Commissioner...

Well, the soldiers have been named, all that remains is for lines to be drawn. We got to 110, which means that there will be 10 teams of 11. For each event, the top 10 scores will be counted, so if you don't want to be your teams vestigial tail, don't be 11th best. If more than 1 person on a team miss picks and score 0, those 0's will be counted toward the total.


TC Engel





Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist





It seems like the date and time that is best for the draft is tomorrow (Tuesday, 12/27) at 8pm, so that's what we're going with. I don't know that I'm going to be around for it, but I'll put up the post for you guys tomorrow. I will also send an email to all of you captains with the rest of your emails. For the draft, use the roster straight from the camp. A few notes regarding the draft roster:

- Add Rollo to your list even if he's not on the camp roster as of the draft.

- Cull your master draft list from the PG camp roster as close to the draft as posible- there have been a few changes over the past few days.

- If you draft someone whose email is not in the email post, email me- I have the emails of the few who had extenuating circumstances preventing them from posting in that thread.

That's really all that I think of right now- I'm in Florida wih family for the holidays so my time is scarce, but drop any questions you may have in this thread and I'll do my best to check it and answer you tonight or tomorrow morning. We stand on the precipice of War ladies and gents- say farewell to your loved ones and prepare yourselves as you see fit. Shit's about to get brutal.

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