World Class Wrestling Coach Heath Sims joins Evolve MMA from Team Quest


Chatri Sityodtong poses with some of the existing members of the Evolve MMA fight team

Olympic wrestler Heath Sims, one of the most respected wrestling coaches in the entire mixed martial arts world, has officially joined Evolve MMA. Sims is Dan Henderson's long term training partner and was head of the fight team at Team Quest but he had decided to switch camps in order to run the wrestling program at Evolve MMA in Singapore.

Evolve MMA already boasts a roster of trainers which is unparalleled in Asian MMA and includes Muay Thai legends Anuwat Kaesamrit, Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn and Attachai Fairtex, BJJ champions Rafael Correa de Lima, Leandro Issa and Zorobabel Moreira and former WBA Super Featherweight boxing champion Yodsanan Sityodtong.

With over three decades of wrestling experience Sims brings something a little bit different to the table and could very well be the final piece in the Evolve MMA jigsaw. Wrestling was one area in which the Singapore based camp could not compete with the top teams in the US in the past but with the addition of Sims that has all changed.

The fact that Sims was willing to leave a senior position at one of the most respected camps in the US in order to relocate to Singapore speaks volumes about how rapidly Evolve MMA is rising in the estimation of the MMA elite. Having firmly established a reputation as the top camp in Asia Evolve MMA now seems to have its sights set on overtaking the traditional powerhouses in the US and Brazil and is well on its way to becoming pound for pound the best place to train MMA in the world.


Sims will fly back to the US to corner Henderson when he fights but apart from that his association with Team Quest will come to an end and he says he is excited about this new opportunity,

"While I am sad to leave Team Quest, I'm thrilled at the opportunity to work at the top MMA organization in Asia. Evolve MMA represents the very best in the world in every major discipline for MMA. I couldn't be more excited to be a part of this incredible team."

For his part Chatri Sityodtong, CEO of Evolve MMA and the Leader of the Evolve Fight Team, is delighted to welcome such a high caliber wrestling coach to Singapore,

"Heath is an incredibly talented coach in wrestling and MMA. He is truly one in seven billion with a wealth of experience at the highest levels in the world and he will fit in perfectly with our family of World Champions at Evolve MMA. We are all excited for his arrival," he said.

Evolve MMA also announced the addition of another wrestler to their team. While Sims has retired from professional MMA to concentrate on his coaching NCAA Division One wrestler Jake Butler's real fighting career is only just beginning. The American was team captain and a two time MVP at Princeton University and has already signed a contract with Asia's biggest mixed martial arts organization, ONE Fighting Championship.

He will join a fight team which includes DREAM Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki and UFC veteran Rafael Dos Anjos as well as a number of up and coming fighters such as Leandro Issa, Zorobabel Moreira, Eddie Ng and Brian Choi. Wrestling is very much the prevalent discipline in the UFC but in Asia it is nowhere near as prevalent and under Sim's astute guidance these fighters could go on to dominate their respective divisions in ONE FC and DREAM.

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