Why the UFC Should Also Absorb the Strikeforce 205 Division

As I was doing research for my last fanpost I stumbled upon an interesting fact. As of right now there are only 30 Light Heavyweights under contract with the UFC. I always knew the division was a bit shallow (why would you have guys like Luis Cane and Brandon Vera in the top 25?), but I never imagined it was that bad.

It’s so bad that besides the recently introduced flyweights the 205 division is the shallowest in the UFC. Yes, there are now even more Heavyweights than 205ers.

Which brings me to the main point of this fanpost, the UFC already plans on absorbing the Stikeforce heavyweights because their division is “too shallow”; why not also absorb the 205ers if their division has even less fighters? (For the record I think the UFC should bring over all the top Strikeforce fighters regardless of divison.) It’s what the UFC did with their last sister organization with the WEC.

As of right now there are currently 11 Light Heavyweights in Strikeforce. Doesn’t it make sense for guys like Gegard, Mo, Feijao, and OSP to make the jump over to the UFC?

I’m glad that Strikeforce is being kept alive because I would hate to see the women fighters out of work, but it’s silly to keep a divison with only 11 fighters. Merging the two groups of fighters would make the UFC’s shallowest division a bit deeper with at the very least 40+ fighters under contract.

Another thing to consider is the lack of contenders for Jon Jones to fight at 205. He’s already beat the #4, #5, #6, #16, #17, #21 and #24 ranked LHWs in the UFC. Besides Hendo, Rashad, Phil Davis who is there left for Jones to fight?

People might not be sold on Mo, Feijao, and Gegard as true contenders but their addition to the UFC couldn’t hurt.

So yea, I don’t know how to end this so I just will…


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