Oh, it's happening my friends.

"Count" on it. Oooooohhhhhh.....

This started as a Comment in Dallas' Post, but then it just got too big. Sorry if I stole your thunder big guy.

1. While Bisping certainly can get up on that bike, despite that he consistently puts himself in horrible situations. I for one thought he could stay away from the smaller, slower Hendo all night. Not so. Sticking his neck under Wandy's armpit also comes to mind. Miller, despite being out of the mainstream MMA scene for awhile, is a seasoned, crafty vet who will capitalize on Bisping's every blunder. And there will be several.

2. Miller's BJJ Black Belt is no joke, having gone the distance almost entirely on the floor with Jacare, getting a fully sunk RNC on Jake Shields, and of course tapping (the ghost of) Sakuraba. If Bisping shoots for one of his proficient but ugly takedowns, Miller will see a big ol' Christmas Bow wrapped around Bisping's neck. Oh wait, that's Miller's arms , actually! If Miller gets the same guillotine Wandy got, his length and leverage will put Bisping to sleep, he won't even have to tap.

3. If you watched that video of Miller receiving his Black Belt, you also saw Raphael Cordeiro, who happens to train Mr. Miller in the standup department. He has also extensively trained and indeed helped to form the very styles of Anderson Silva, Shogun, Wanderlei and dozens of other Chute Box savages. I fully believe Miller has the edge in technique, power and aggressiveness to score and hurt Bisping consistently without having too much to fear in return. We are talking about a guy who has only ever been finished once in over 30 fights, with Soccer kicks. Bisping's 1-2 is going to put Miller away? I doubt it, and he can most definitely make Bisping take a seat if not put him out cold, Setting him up for a nice Submission or nap.

4. Miller speaks both English and Japanese, while Bisping can barely string together a few words in a language his own country invented.

5. I met Miller at 137, he shot the shit and signed my glove, was cool as fuck, therefore will win.

6. Bisping does not respect his fans, opponent, or employer enough to even bother making weight. This is a sign of his overall mental weakness and further indication he will lose to Miller, who did make weight. Oh, and we are all FACKING CANTS according to Mr. Bisping. Funny how he gets the shit boo'd outta him whenever he fights outside the UK.

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