Late Night Fights 24: Georges St Pierre vs Mayhem Miller

With the TUF 14 Finale less then 30 hours away, i figured it would be a great time to look back upon one of the more exciting ground wars in UFC history. Jason Mayhem Miller takes on Georges St Pierre in GSP's 2nd fight after his loss to Matt Hughes.


Georges St Pierre: With a 8-1 record and a 87.5% Finishing percentage, Georges St Pierre is one of the future rising starsof the sport. With a backround of Kyusoshin Karate complemented with brillant wrestling and tight striking he is one of the most complete fighters in the game.


Jason Miller: One of the most entertaining and charismatic young fighters in the sport, he combines a fun persona with great Jiu Jitsu, excellent wrestling and above average stand up skills. Miller enters the UFC for the first time and looks to make his mark against Georges St Pierre


UFC 52: UFC 52 Couture v Liddell 2 featured future hall of famers Randy "The Natural" Couture vs Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell in the main event which Chuck would win by KO. The co main event was Babalu Sobral tapping out Travis Wiuff with an armbar. On this card was Dana White's personal favorite fight as WW champ Matt Hughes defended his title in spectacular fasion over Frank Trigg. Hughes-Trigg 2 is known as one of the best comebacks of all time. Other fights on this card include Matt Lindland tapping out Travis Lutter, Mike Van Arsdale defeating Andy Marsh and Joe Doerkson submitting Patrick Cote.

Interesting facts about this fight: Jason Miller recieved just 2,000 in pay for this fight. GSP got 9 & 9.

Interesting fact about this card: Patrick Cote was originally supposed to fight Lightning Lee Murray, Murray had to drop because of travel obligations.

Join us after the jump, to see one of GSP's early defining preformances as he battles Jason "Mayhem" Miller


The Password is '612'

"Live" Play by Play - moderator CBear on 04/16/2005

Millers comes out in a sweat shirt wearing mask like Skipknot wile fans throw money at him. Thats damn funny. MIchael Clarke Duncan is grooving to the music. Big John Mc is the ref. Miller looks happy as hell to be there and has a red spot died in his hair and looks a bit gangly.

STP comes out with the gi on and i s hi fiving fans. the fans on the entrance ramp seem to be very hyped and making the fighters happy to be there. STP looks ripped as usual. Millers bows to the camera as he enters the cage and Miller is grinning like Hannibal Lector.

This is gonna be fun! Round 1 up next.

Round 1 Miller vs STP.

Miller doing his monkey kungfu act. STP nails Miller iwth a fist and puts him down. Miller back up after a hi jump kick to the gut. both dancing. Both active, STP with a knee, Miller exchanges iwth knee. some missed punches. Both active. STP nice jab to Miller and misses a spinning backfist. Miller does a jumping drop fist. This is fun! Combo by Miller as they tie up but STP shakes him off. Both jabbing nicely. HIk kick and knee by Miller with a big right by STP. both can take a shot. STP takes MIller down and has him upside odwn against the fence at 221 in the fitht. MIller shakes Stp off and kips up like wrestler but STP knoocks him back down. MIller is smiling. Stp is hammering on Miller and hes in trouble but looks ok to me. Arm bar by STP and its tight. Miller escapes!!!!!!!!!! Blood on ring from Miller face but I think he i s ok. Great fight. This is like Bonner/Griffin almost.

Back kick by STP but Miller is smiling. Takedown with Stp on top and Miller with bloody face from nose/mouth area. Action slowing as Miller tries to get up with Stp on top. Round 1 is over and it was a hell of alot of fun.

Stp wins the round but Miller is having fun like Griffin and this is fun.

Round 2 starts with MIller doing a River dance thing. Punches, and clinch at the cage. Miler is tryiong a single leg take down but STp squats on him for the takedown. Both are tiring legitimately. Stp in half guard of Miller. Elbows on Millers face but Miller is working and the blood has stopped. Stp has Millers back but he is wiggly like a snake. MIller trying to reverse and take down Stp. Both on ground working hard. Miller east some shots and an elbow but is working. Stp is very strong but Miller is being more of a handful than e4xpected by many. MIller bucks Stp off his back in a great move and they are standing clinching!

Stp is winning but its fun watching Miller do his funky kung fu jj moves and grinning like hell. Mller eats elbows to the kidney and eats a huge elbow to the mouth. Stp gets an armbar at 9 seconds but Miller survives! Miller has a cut on his nose but is ok.

Holy cow this is just like TUF with a fun fight. Stp is winning without a doubt but Miller is so fun to watch they need to sign him.

Round 3 begins with MIller trying a high kick adn leads to a take down with Stp on top. Stp works the ribs and MIllers nose is bleeding again. Both working hard on the ground grappling like monkeys. Very nice by both guys as MIller is looking for a triangle. Escapes. Stp in full guard and raining big elbows onto Millers nose. Miller looking for an arm but Stp easily escapes and nails the elbow. Grappling by the cage with Stp controlling Miller. Both are tiring and Miller is eating everythign Stp can dish out but keeps working. Stp grabs the left arm and its dangerous but Miller slis out!! Miller on top and nails Stp with punchses from side control. Stp looks comfortable at 1 minute left. Reversal by Stp and hei is on top. Punches by Stp on top and Miller hangs on at 15 seconds to survive. Its over and no doubt Stp will win as Miller is bloodies but still smiling like hell at the end of the match. Dana needs to brign back Miller for his no quit attitude and smiling while he works hard.

Cbear's Scorecard: 30-27 St Pierre

My Scorecard: 30-27 St Pierre

Judges Scorecard: 30-27 St Pierre

Hope you enjoyed this blast to the past, Feel free to leave a comment and If you enjoyed this post please reccomend it. Peace out!


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