UFC in the Hexagon is too much of a risk

This is my first FanPost so I kinda gotta get used to this thing.

StrikeForce: Melendez vs Masvidal has passed and once again Gilbert Melendez retains his StrikeForce Lightweight Championship Belt in an unimpressive fashion. During AND after the fight I was thinking how and why Melendez chose to stay with StrikeForce. Maybe it was loyalty for his company or a distaste for the UFC or maybe it's just he's comfortable where he is. I don't know. But during the post-fight interview, the marked up champion called out the UFC lightweights to come fight at HIS hexagon. Which makes me wonder if this is even a good idea.

Honestly, I don't think the UFC is going to let ANYONE from their brand to go and fight in StrikeForce unless they get cut. That's just MY opinion. But lets say that they do. Considering different aspects like the cage dimensions and size, it's ultimately fighting in the same area. But the problem might be the outcome of the fight.

StrikeForce has more to lose if a UFC fighter were to come over and challenge anybody in the heart of San Jose. A cross promotion of the two despite the fact that both organizations are under the same company now may prove very costly for the validity of StrikeForce. Because in this case, Gilbert Melendez HAS to win and has to DOMINATE. Because in the mind of a casual MMA fan or some numbskull that doesn't know any better, the UFC is RAWRUFCBESTFIGHTERSINTHEWORLDJIUJITSUUU!!! And if Melendez loses the belt to a UFC fighter, not only does it prove its point to be the most dominating organization in MMA, but it also damages and maybe even destroy what is StrikeForce



Alistair Overeem in theory needed one more belt to possibly be the most dominating Heavyweight in Mixed Martial Arts. Shit, I don't even know why he couldn't get himself a boxing belt with 4 letters to be honest. Had he acquired the UFC strap (somehow, I don't know) then he could be the Greatest Heavyweight of our time by ruling the definition of it. I believe because of him, the StrikeForce championship still held weight up until he vacated to come to the UFC.



Nick Diaz became StrikeForce champion by tiger cub pawing Frank Shamrock to exhaustion. He was a dominant champion at Welterweight cleaning house and showing the world that he is also a great fighter up until he vacated the belt to come to the UFC.



Dan Henderson became StrikeForce Light Heavyweight champion by dropping H-Bombs on the face of Rafael Cavalcante. And after pummeling Fedor with the reach around, he too also vacated the belt in order to go to the UFC.

So time and time again, fighters are showing why they would even vacate their championship belts in order to fight under Dana White's evil empire. Which leaves only Gilbert Melendez's Lightweight strap and Cris "Cyborg" Santos.

So lets say the UFC DOES send one of their own into the lion's den of San Jose, California. It would have to be someone at a low skill level but with name recognition and even that is a stretch. If someone of the likes of Clay Guida or Kenny Florian (you know, the one that doesn't choke) were to defeat Melendez in "his hexagon", it discredits the entire brand seeing that Melendez is the best in his division. Not to mention, does said new StrikeForce champion be forced to stay there or can he also compete in the UFC?

Personally, I would prefer my organizations separated. I'm having a hard time following boxing as it is with a NAPA belt and all (the @#$% is a NAPA belt). Either you dissolve StrikeForce and combine them to be one BIG SUPER MMA ORGANIZATION OF THE UNIVERSE or you keep them segregated. Before the Monday Night Wars of wrasslin, nobody crossed paths up until a new challenger arrived to take the crown. And honestly I couldn't tell you who the WWE champion was (I was young) but I knew Goldberg was the most intimidating man in wrestling.

Besides, you wouldn't want anyone obliterating the competition like this would you?



I know what you're thinking. Yea, I totally would too.

(Note: This made more sense when I thought about it last night)

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