5 Fights to Make for the Strikeforce Heavyweights' Introduction to the UFC



Yesterday, during a conference call concerning the future of Strikeforce, Dana White and Scott Coker revealed that the promotion would live on, albeit with some changes. One of those changes will be the dissolution of the SF heavyweight division, which will be annexed by the UFC. This is absolutely phenomenal news. Heavyweight has always wanted for depth and talent. Merging the two most talent rich HW divisions in the sport can only mean good things for the fans. Playing fantasy matchmaker, we'll take a look at some potential match ups for the revitalized division.

Chad "The Grave Digger" Griggs v. Dave "Pee Wee" Herman

"Muttonchops" Griggs is a man who just doesn't know when he's supposed to lose. He was called up to Strikeforce in August 2010 to be fodder for former pro-wrestler Bobby Lashley. Apparently, Griggs didn't get the memo, and won the fight when Lashley was unable to answer the bell for the 3rd round. Chad went on to defeat Gian Villante, then Valentijn Overeem as an alternate in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Gran Prix. Although he might not be the most technical fighter, Griggs is without a doubt and exciting fighter and has no problem indulging in a fan-friendly brawl.

Enter Dave Herman, despite only having one fight in the UFC, Pee Wee boasts a record of 21-2 and has only seen the judges' scorecards once. In a fast-paced slobberknocker, Herman gained a TKO victory over Jon Olav Einemo in his UFC debut. Like Griggs, Pee Wee will strike wildly and will hold a distinct advantage on the ground as "that Jiu Jitsu stuff doesn't work on [him]." This is the definition of a guilty pleasure fight and is far too much fun not to make.

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva v.Travis Browne

Bigfoot Silva had a very solid run with Strikeforce, after a decision loss to grappling-ace Fabricio Werdum, Silva went on a 3 fight win streak including wins over Andrei Arlovski, Mike Kyle, and Fedor Emilianenko. With a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and 11 of his 16 wins via KO/TKO, Bigfoot is a threat anywhere the fight takes place.

Travis Browne is an exciting and undefeated prospect in the heavyweight division. He burst onto the UFC scene with a first round KO of James McSweeney, then ran into trouble when Cheick Kongo decided to spend 15 minutes clinging to his shorts. Browne came out with a draw, and went on to Superman punch KO Stefan Struve in spectacular fashion. After a lackluster decision against Rob Broughton, Silva is the perfect test to see where Browne stands in the heavyweight division

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