Super Six Final: Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch - Live Results and Play-By-Play

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - DECEMBER 16: Carl Froch and Andre Ward stand face to face after weigh-in for the SHOWTIME Super Six World Boxing Classic Final at Circus Max Theater on December 16, 2011 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)

Tonight, as a special feature, we'll be bringing you live results and play-by-play for the Super Six World Boxing Classic finals between Andre Ward and Carl Froch at 9 p.m. ET. This fight will serve as the lead-in to Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal on Showtime.

Ward got to the finals by defeating Mikkel Kessler and Allan Green in the group stage, as well as picking up a forfeit win after Andre Dirrell withdrew from the fight. In the knockout stage semi-finals, Ward took a decision over Arthur Abraham.

For Froch, the path wasn't quite as smooth as he took a controversial split decision over Andre Dirrell, lost to Mikkel Kessler and beat Arthur Abraham by decision. In the semi-final round he was able to take a majority decision over Glen Johnson.

Make sure to join us to watch a little boxing before we get into what should be a very exciting Strikeforce show.

For more coverage of Ward vs. Froch, head over to Bad Left Hook for their full fight week coverage.

The Showtime broadcast is live, but they're not expected to be in the ring until shortly after 9:30 p.m. ET.

Interesting note: the arena is roughly half full due to the obviously bad idea to put two guys who don't travel particularly well in a location nowhere near where either man is from.

Fighters are making their way to the ring at 9:28. I'm going to put the round-by-round after the jump to not flood the front page.

Round 1 - Ward circling on the outside early with Froch stalking. Ward tried to use the jab but they ended up in the clinch with Froch landing an uppercut and Ward getting in a hook on the way out. Froch is working the jab and then Ward pops him harder with one in return. Ward's jab showing to be the most effective punch of the early round and Froch seeing some reddening of his nose and blinking. 10-9 Ward round for me.

Round 2 - They fight in the clinch a bit and Ward gets a hard left hook on the way out after Froch did a little work inside. Froch gets in an uppercut and then a jab. Ward with some more jabs. Left hook again by Ward and Froch goes to the body. Froch digging to the body hard now and Ward fires back with a counter that backs Froch off and now Froch fires back and Ward coming on again with a left hook. 10-9 Ward (20-18 Ward)

Round 3 - Froch with a combination early and nothing really lands. Ward again with the jab. Froch trying to walk him down and Ward moving out of range and then coming in with a hard double jab and Froch can't really figure out how to deal with Ward's left hand. Ward with a pair of left hooks and a jab. Ward still working the jab and now a great body shot. 10-9 Ward (30-27 Ward)

Round 4 - Ward with a solid uppercut. Ward with a nice combination to counter the attack of Froch. Froch digs to the body but he has to step it up a bit. Hard left hand counter by Ward. Two right hands by Ward and Froch was stung a bit. Froch and Ward now battling it out on the inside and referee Steve Smoger lets them fight. Both men landing here on the inside. 10-9 Ward (40-36 Ward)

Round 5 - Ward tags him with a left early and Froch was hurt briefly. Ward is just a league beyond Froch here. Froch clearly frustrated and he wings a series of haymakers that all miss and Ward with a simple left hand that tags him. Froch with a nice jab. Hard left hook hurt Froch as the bell rings. 10-9 Ward (50-45 Ward)

Round 6 - Ward with another left hook and Froch is getting to the point where unless he can land a hail mary shot, it's just not going to change. Double left hook, right hand, jab. Ward doing whatever he wants now. Big left hook by Ward. Right hand by Ward. And now an uppercut. Froch does get the right hand in. Sharp right hand by Ward and a left hook. Froch leaning on the ropes and now firing back. Ward with a hard left again. A huge left hook and Froch was rattled by that one. 10-9 Ward (60-54 Ward)

Round 7 - They're trading early and Ward slipping most of Froch's shots. Hard right hand by Ward gets in and now Froch is hanging on. Ward to the body and then the head and Froch is looking mentally broken. 10-9 Ward (70-63 Ward)

Round 8 - Froch trying to walk forward again but not really landing. Big right hand by Ward lands solid. Right hand by Froch gets in a little bit. Ward to the body twice and then hard to the head. Left hand counter by Ward again. Froch lands a punch way after the bell and gets a warning. 10-9 Ward (80-72 Ward)

Round 9 - A lot of clinching early in this round. It's an uglier round but now Ward working him against the ropes. Froch landing a few decent punches and now a good long right hand. Ward stings him with a few left hands now. Froch trying to come forward now. Froch with a jab that gets in. Hey, a round I could score for Froch! 10-9 Froch (89-82 Ward)

Round 10 - Froch flashing a few punches and Ward trows a left hand. The amount of clinching has picked up much more in the last few rounds and Steve Smoger having to get involved to separate them more often. Ward with a nice jab and a left hand. Ward with a left hook that lands solidly again and he's taking over the round in the last minute. Nice inside combo by Ward. 10-9 Ward (99-91 Ward)

Round 11 - More of the same as Froch is stalking and Ward is moving and picking his shots. Right hand by Froch. They get chippy and trade shots to the back of the head. Froch with a good left hook and Ward gets in again. Decent round for Froch, but still Ward's. 10-9 Ward (109-100 Ward)

Round 12 -Froch with a combination early and he's trying to come on. Ward with a left hand. Froch is chasing him around the ring now. Left hook for Ward and he goes right back to it. Ward with the right hand. Ward pops him again. Froch with a right and Ward with one more left hand and the fight ends on that note. 10-9 Ward (119-109 Ward)

Official Scorecards: 115-113, 115-113, 118-110 all for Andre Ward. Andre Ward wins the WBA, WBC Championships and the Super Six World Boxing Classic.

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