The BVSBEFCSFL (It needs work.)

As I watch more and more of my meager cashmoney disappear because of fantasy football and hockey, I've always wondered why there was never a solid fantasy MMA/Boxing/Kickboxing program. Well, I'm nowhere near bright enough to put that together, but what I am dumb enough to do is start BV-Sponsored BloodyElbow Fantasy Combat Sports League! BVSBEFCSL for short. needs work. Anyway!

Fantasy MMA! It's like a threesome. We all want it, we've all thought tirelessly about it, but somehow we just can't seem to make it work. Either someone loses their passion for it, it presents more problems than enjoyment, people fall out, too much stress, etc...

But what I want is simple. Almost too simple, because of its simplicity! I love fights, I love shooting the shit with all of you. Why not make it interesting? For money? Sure, I'm all about that, but I haven't found a way to make it legit and legal yet. So for now, just pride and bragging rights. That cool?

So consider this a BETA test of how Fantasy Combat Sports (sponsored by BVandDietPepsi...if you're looking for quality, misguided, intoxicated, over-emotional MMA commentary, you're looking for BVandDietPepsi.) can turn out, let's try it.

Rules: I've made them as simple as possible.

1. Like in any other fantasy sport, you pick a starting lineup. For BEFCSL (Yes, it needs work!), it's the same way. You select one fighter from each weight class offered on the sheet. If there are no fighters at that particular weight (as there are none at Bantamweight), then submit your lineup without them.

2. Obviously, there has to be a cutoff. I've made it limited to only shows that are televised broadcasts in the United States. It lends far more credibility to a card and we don't have to deal with the Ultimate Challenges of the world, or Japan's worked shoots.

3. I've included boxers in MMA weight-classes. Why? Because I don't want to score 93 different weight-classes, and having Carl Froch and Andre Ward in the welterweight division is pretty fucking cool and different, yes?

4. Scoring: Again, simple. Submit one fighter in each designated weight class. If they win: 1 point. If they finish their opponent: another point. If that finish happened in the first-half of their fight: another point. Easy. Simple. Decisive. Works for every discipline, especially when we get kickboxing in the mix.

5. As far as prizes go, I want to give them. But like I said, let's see how things go this week for our BETA testing, and hopefully we can work out a prize system of some sort. Maybe incorporate a fighter or two in our league and have them sign gloves or something as prizes! Just spitballing, kids!

So pick your team, homie!


(No major fights at BW this week, so disregard it.)


Gilbert Jimenez (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Daniel Pineda (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Steven Garcia (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Cody Williams (Legacy Fighting Championship)
David Armas (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Jeremy Mahon (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Cristiane Santos (Strikeforce)
Hiroko Yamanaka (Strikeforce)


Jesus Rivera (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Rand Hauer (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Gilbert Melendez (Strikeforce)
Jorge Masvidal (Strikeforce)
KJ Noons (Strikeforce)
Billy Evangelista (Strikeforce)
Caros Fodor (Strikeforce)
Justin Wilcox (Strikeforce)


Jorge Patino (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Mike Bronzoulis (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Jonathon Harris (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Antonio Flores (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Jeremy Morris (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Justin Murray (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Jerron Peoples (Strikeforce)
Roger Bowling (Strikeforce)
Herman Terrado (Strikeforce)
Chris Brown (Strikeforce)
Andre Ward (Showtime)
Carl Froch (Showtime)


Noel Ligon (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Patrick Hutton (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Edinson Miranda (Showtime)
Kariz Kariuki (Showtime)

Light Heavyweight:

Gegard Mousasi (Strikeforce)
Ovince St. Preux (Strikeforce)
Eddie Mendez (Strikeforce)
Fernando Gonzalez (Strikeforce)


Derrick Lewis (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Rakim Cleveland (Legacy Fighting Championship)
Devin Cole (Strikeforce)
Gabriel Salinas-Jones (Strikeforce)
Bowie Tupou (Showtime)
Donnell Holmes (Showtime)

BV's Squad This Week:

Featherweight: Cristiane Santos

Lightweight: Justin Wilcox

Welterweight: Andre Ward

Middleweight: Edinson Miranda

Light Heavyweight: Gegard Mousasi

Heavyweight: Derrick Lewis

What's your roster?!?!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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