Big Nog and Lyoto Machida Refusing to Tap to Submissions was Unfair and Irresponsible

On Saturday we were all treated to a series of brutal and memorable finishes. I remember prior to the card I saw someone's Tapology prediction that had every fight ending in stoppages in the first or second round. We agreed that we hoped his predictions were correct since it would be a memorable night. It seemed as though that guy was a soothsayer since the longest fight on the main card, besides the Ebersole-Patrick snoozer, was the main event. It wasn't even like the first round of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix where the finishes were because of some ridiculous miss matches.

However the last two finishes, despite them being spectacular, are marred in a degree of controversy because of the decisions of the losers. I don't know if it's something with high level BJJ guys, but I have heard some of them mention they weren't going to tap. A few months ago the fight with Conor Heun was given a lot of press because of the great BJJ was exhibited in it. Heun ended up having his elbow heavily damaged during an armbar, but did not tap. After the fight he said, "[there] is no reason to tap in MMA." I thought that mindset was stupid then and the backlash from UFC 140 shows why there is no honor in this.



When Frank Mir got Big Nog in that Kimora I knew he wasn't going to tap. I also knew that Frank was going to break his blow his shoulder out(he ended up breaking his arm). I'm sure most of us had the same assumption. Big Nog not escaping was more surprising to me than Frank Mir breaking his arm. I was more surprised with Lyoto. I didn't know of Lyoto's "I will die, but I will not tap" decree before, but I guess Machida fans did so him fully succumbing to the choke may not have been a shock to them.

This mindset is unfair to their opponents because of the collateral damage it caused. Both Jon Jones AND Frank Mir have received negative backlash based on their actions after the submissions. In the case of Jon Jones many people are focusing more on what happened after the fight instead of the finish. Frank Mir recovered from getting his eggs scrambled to winning in a way that no one but him and Fabrico Werdum could have. However, he's getting flack in the grappling community for not checking on Noguiera.

This action, or inaction, was more asinine for Big Nog because of the nature of the submission. Him blowing out his shoulder at his age could have ended his career. He's 35 now and is already slowing down. Imagine if he would have gotten his shoulder blown out and was out 10 months like Cain Velasquez? He, realistically, only has another 2-3 fights in the UFC left for him and if he would have taken out one of those fights, then it would be him losing out on a couple hundred thousand dollars(UFC pay and sponsors) that he wouldn't see again. It is irresponsible for him to do as someone who has a family to take care of. I doubt he's hurting for money, but I also doubt he has it to the point where he can just piss away a couple hundred grand like that.

Another reason why this is bad is because this is first and foremost a sport. A sport that is trying to go to the next level. Remember when after UFC 139 when Dana said he was happy the Shogun vs. Henderson fight wasn't on Fox and we all called BS? Well I'm sure he's happy that the final two fights on this card weren't on Fox. Can you imagine the reactions in the mainstream in the next day? Jon would have been on the card for them to show him off, but instead of people being amazed it would have been almost completely negative. Media members who are neophytes with negative stereotypes would have watched a man get his arm broken and in the very next fight they would have thought they saw a man get killed in front of them on national television. It would have been a complete PR disaster. I don't think that Fox would have dropped the deal or anything, but it would have confirmed a lot of negative stereotypes that people have.

There is a very simple way for all of this stuff to have been avoided. Just simply tap to the submission. I realize that Nog tapped, but he waited until his arm was broken before he did. I'm sure he knew he was stuck and the fight was done before that happened though. I am also sure Lyoto felt himself going out and could have tapped also. They did not and now their opponents have some negative clouds around their victory that they do not deserve. If they would have simply submitted then the fight would have ended with your regular hugs and hand pounds instead of any kind of drama. That is why there is no honor is not tapping. It ends up being bad for everyone and like Joe Rogan said it is just as embarrassing.

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