Alistair Overeem Receives 'Conditional License' to Face Brock Lesnar at UFC 141


Early on in the Nevada State Athletic Commission meeting today we got an ominous sign that something may be up with Alistair Overeem's licensing status. During a discussion about the success of out-of-competition drug testing, following up on a July 2010 meeting, They mentioned that the two most recent men asked to take a test were Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem.

Lesnar, they said, went to a hospital and took his test. Then they said that they would "discuss him [Overeem] later."

Overeem was eventually sworn in to answer questions.

He was notified on November 17 that he would need to take a random out of competition test, the commission did not hear back from Overeem's camp for five days. Then Overeem took a blood test on the 23rd but the test they were looking for was urine. He didn't actually take a urine test until December 7th, but that test was administered by his own private doctor, not by a testing facility which the commission did not care for.

Overeem said that he felt he did things in a quick manner. The commission grilled him over his timeline, asking why he didn't notify the UFC that he was leaving the country and why he didn't get the test done more quickly.

Overeem continued to pin the issues on his assistants, saying he was getting tested within a day each time his assistants told him he needed to and that his assistants are the ones who talk to the UFC. His assistant said that he works another full time job and isn't familiar with the Athletic Commission procedures and simply did the best that he could.

One of the biggest moments on the call was when Overeem said that he purchased the plane ticket to fly to see his mother on the 15th, two days prior to the request for testing. That made it appear that he did not jump the next flight to avoid the test.

In the end, the commission felt that his descriptions of the situations he dealt with were satisfactory for a license with some exceptions:

  1. The test done by his doctor on the 7th of December is not sufficient. He will need to retest within 72 hours somewhere in the UK or elsewhere at a location of NSAC's choosing.
  2. Overeem must drop another urine sample when he lands in the United States.
  3. Overeem will be tested randomly twice over six months following the UFC 141 card.

So again, after much deliberation and a fishy timeline, it appears that the fight with Brock Lesnar will go on.

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