BE Civil War- UFC 140 and Season 1 Results



Hey Duders....sorry for the delay. Either I was overcome by the emotion of the Fanpost Peace Treaty that marks the end of this War, or I was waiting on one last captain to send in his score but ended up having to just tally it myself... I'll let you decide. So, before I get into all the final details, let me just express my gratitude to all of you warriors, especially those of you that were picked in the draft and have been here since Day 1. This thing could've fallen flat on it's face very easily, but you guys activated, perpetuated and facilitated this competition, which has increased my enjoyment of live prizefights and BE, things I didn't think possible and for that, I sincerely thank you guys. All of a sudden, when I see a comment from someone in the BECW, I don't immediately think "who is this dumbass?" Instead, I think "this dumbass scored a 50 last event! I will intently read his moderately adequate knowledge of MMA!"

To any of you who ended the season in the competition and came in off the reserve list; you are the pro bowl offensive linemen. The unsung heros who really saved the competition from all the deadbeat deserters who suck at life. The 23 y.o. fluffer who gets you up when getting ready to shoot DP Grannies 4. Without you, this thing could have ended much differently. You all will get privleged seats at Walder Frey's daughter's wedding.

Last but certainly not least (well, maybe lowell was least :), to the captains. Man, you guys fucking rocked and made my mild BECW-related workload seem manageable. Kaleb, Zackree, Horselover, ok- even you lowell- you guys were really good at the gig and had you been born as radicalized Chechnyans, I have no doubt that Russia would be a much different place today and Fedor would still have aura and mystique.

A few pieces of housekeeping before the final results:

- Super propers to crazybones, who won the camp by a healthy margin and scored #2 for the season on the whole site. That shit is NOT easy to do for mere mortals, but crazybones calls that shit "Sunday." Congrats man- you are a low functioning autistic teenager amongst developmentally disabled infants.

- lanky6 finished 2nd in the camp, and 9th overall...great job, man.

- I don't think that I'm killing any suspense by congratulating K-1 and zakree for winning the season. Initially, I thought that they simply rode crazybones' coattails (and he certainly didn't hurt), but upon having Bill James run the numbers, we found that they stayed consistent throughout the comp, which proved to be more than enough. As a result of the win, zakree will be grandfathered in as a captain next season if he wants it.

- Hey, StiffJab- FUCK YOU! Keeping me out of the top 3 by 1 point. I'm gonna dig 2 graves before I come for vengeance!

- Please keep your eyes open this week for announcements regarding Season 2!

UFC 140 Results:

1) K-1

crazybones - 56
cmons - 40
Manch1ld - 32
AndyDavis - 46
Shotokanman (doctorjekyll) - 34
KMcCaig (slimdigg) - 27
FightingFighting - 51
lanky6 - 69
dgonz - 37
ThomasFlynn - 57
Fedorable - 25
zakkree - 57
Snatchl - 61
StevenGiles - 42
NaciremaDream - 34

Total - 668

2) BAU

halitosis - 59
Stiff Jab - 56
LBO - 53
Tim Bernier - 49
Rollo - 45
Sam Cupitt - 42
TC Engel - 41
Hendo One-Shot - 41
PelvicThrust - 39
IKilled007 - 38
av1o3 - 37
hardysinyourface - 35
Kaleb - 32
Farthammer - 32
Fedornuthugger - 31

Total - 598

3) Pick Em
Kingofthedogs- 57
sun yue- 30
skeebop- 39
mountaineers- 32
tats16- 33
zombiehobbes- 47
jeffigatame- 52
lowellthehammer- 19 (lol)
alicks- 32
krcampbell- 39
duck- 56
intehpipes- 40
Robert Cowan- 22
ElliotMatheny- 69
bcpkjell- 27

Total- 594

4) Spinning Fish

bodytriangle - 64

wonderfulspam - 56

afrotikiman - 46

chris81203 – 43

ludakrish - 42

Montefisto - 41

IvanIllich - 38

Memitim - 37

SteveevaD - 37

bonesthebaptist - 34

Horselover_Fat (c) – 34

EmptyThoughts - 32

sday420 - 29

inadvertantgroinstrike (Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist) – 27

Ulf_Murphy – 20 (Ryan Leaf level 1st round bust)

TOTAL = 580

Last) JTT

JDH- 56
pridedaze09- 51
19Miles- 48
SSReporters- 44
OurBovinePublic- 44
Noahwob- 42
TitanFan2K- 41
PookieGnome- 38
WeAllHateCaleb- 38
MDH- 36
pistonhyundai- 34
balrog- 27
kingatrock- 27
ImaginaryEnemy- 24
Joben- 12 (:O)

Total- 562

Overall Final Standings:

Champions!) K-1: 7625
2) Pick Em Runners Up: 7395
3) BAU: 7328
4) Spinning Fish- 7243
Last) JTT (sigh): 7232

Final Captain Standings:
1) JDH- 595
2) zakree- 571
3) Horselover- 554
4) Kaleb- 512
5) lowellgothammered- 406 (wow.)

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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