UFC 140 "Nogs vs Evil" Wrap Up - Jon Jones Defends, but not quite No. 1



You know you work at an awesome place when you come in and your co-worker goes 50/50 on a PPV card with you. Even better, our bosses didn't care that we watched it. Anyway, UFC 140 was a fantastic card. Though the fights that went to decision weren't that great, they served as good opportunities to get up and take a trip to the men's room. Though this won't really be a great year for PPV buys, it has certainly been one for excellent fights. With that said, on to the breakdown.

- Jon's fight against Machida has converted me, provided I can stop listening to Jon's dopey fanbase. Reason being that I always felt that Jones had a fatal flaw: hubris. Though at moments he seems like a bit of a dork, it seemed like he was buying into his own hype at points. Those types of things get old fast, thus why I couldn't bring my self to enjoy watching him fight. I was wrong about Jones, because the second round against Machida showed that Jon has a fight IQ. Fact of the matter is that Machida showed better striking in round 1, and Jones didn't allow his ego to get in the way and stay at range with someone who specializes there. He got inside, made it ugly, and finished the fight. Bravo, Jon. Bravo.

- With that said, some seem to be buying into the hype that Dana is selling, which works for business, but not so much for those of us in touch with reality. Jon is the number one light heavyweight in the world, and rightfully so. Aside from being a physical beast, he has the skill to make sure that his physical advantages don't go to waste, a la Stefan Struve. He's not the best pound for pound, and certainly not the best fighter in the world. Anderson Silva is still around, and GSP, Jose Aldo, and Frankie Edgar haven't gone anywhere either. If Jon moved up in weight and starched Frank Mir or something along those lines, then I'd agree. Until then, no.

- Big Nog/Frank Mir was a good fight, but Big Nog simply made a mistake and paid for it. Had he kept pounding on Frank's head, he probably would have taken home the W, and made way for a possible third bout. Still, he looked like a live dog during the fight, so I'm not sold on him being done quite yet. Seeing Nog fight anyone in the lower end of the Top 10 would be interesting, like Nog vs Carwin or Nog vs Barnett 3. As for Mir, he's back in the Top 5 for certain. If Overeem is truly out of his fight with Brock, that would be a logical step for Mir, though he'd probably be smashed.

- Little Nog looked fantastic. Though Tito is obviously at the end of his career, he's not exactly that easy to stop, especially in the first round. Rogerio used Tito's gut like a bass drum, and finished the fight in brutal fashion. Good stuff, and it'll be interesting to see where Rogerio goes from here. Maybe they can try to make Franklin/Nog again.

- Aldo is exposed! Not really, but you know that someone somewhere thinks that Jung's KO of Hominick does something of the sort. Then again, maybe that person also thinks that Cesar Gracie shouldn't shut up. Fact of the matter is that Hominick made a huge mistake, and got nailed. War Zombie.

- Had you asked me a year ago, I wouldn't have said that Team Serra/Longo would be making great prospects, but they've got two. Phillipou and Weidman are great young talents, and I'm going to be watching closely every time they fight. Wrecking Hamman is no joke.

-Finally, John Makdessi. Clowned by Speedo Man. Shouldn't have happened, and you bet the UFC didn't want it to happen. Happened anyway, and the hype train skids off the tracks.

With all that said, Brock via Arm Triangle, round 2. Have a good night, gents!

-Micah C

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