Next! UFC 140 Edition

Jon Jones - Obviously Rashad Evans is what everyone wants to see, he just has to take out Phil Davis, which I think he will. But if Evans falters, I think Dan Henderson would be next.

Lyoto Machida - He needs a bounce-back fight badly to get him back going. He actually looked very good tonight, he just couldn't handle what Jones has. He's going have now sit back and wait for Jones to go to heavyweight before he'll get another shot. Forrest Griffin would be a good match-up, though I wonder if Forrest even cares about fighting anymore.

Frank Mir - With JDS out for a little while, I saw give him the winner of Lesnar vs Overeem and do so especially if its Lesnar because a trilogy fight would do huge business and carry the heavyweight division until the champ came back.

Minotauro Nogiuera - Well, for now probably a doctor. He's 35 and just had his arm broken, I'm not sure what his future is right now. He has nothing left to prove to anyone and after the two straight KOs and now this . . . not to mention the damage Heath Herring and Tim Sylvia put on him in his other UFC fights? Maybe its time for Big Nog to hang 'em up. But if he DOES want to come back, it would probably be on the Roy Nelson/Cheick Kongo level. But really, after this, I would rather him just retire.

Rogerio Nogiuera - The one guy from Brazil that did have a good night, he looked sharp and patient but ready to swarm. I thought Ortiz - the original ground n' pound wrestler - would give Ortiz fits. But he looked awesome, and Tito is still a really tough guy who's only lost to elite talent in his career. Next? Let's do this . . . Rogerio/Shogun II.

Tito Ortiz - One more fight . . . Stephan Bonnar. He'll give you a fight.

Brian Ebersole - I think he might be the most boring fighter I've ever watch, and I want to see someone end this inexplicable run he's on. I honestly have no idea . . . probably the winner for Paulo Thiago vs. Mike Pyle

Claude Patrick - Is Mike Swick ever coming back?

Chan Sung Jung - I am ALL for him getting a title shot next . . . featherweight isn't really deep so its unreasonable to expect someone to go on a five or six fight win streak before getting a shot. That will change as all the talent form the TUF gets absorbed into the full roster, but knocking the guy who took the champ five rounds in 7 seconds deserves some recognition. Besides, Jung has shown actual improvement and growth as a fighter. He could really bring out the war in Aldo. So the winner for Aldo vs. Mendes

Mark Hominick - I felt really bad for Hominick because he's been through so much this year . . . co-main eventing the Skydome card and putting on perhaps the best performance of his career in a losing effort to the the death of Shawn Tompkins, that's a lot to bring in the cage with you. I read someone say the may drop Diego Brandao in there, but I'd rather see him in there against Mike Brown.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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