An Ode to a Pee Drinker

I am a Jon Jones Fan.

I have met Jon Jones, he is a nice guy.

I have his autograph on my wall.

So do not get me wrong, i am not a Jon Jones Hater


But tonight the Dragon lives. Anyone remember the last time Lyoto was the underdog? I do.


This is how it goes: Round 1 Jones comes out and throws out many kicks, not many punches from either of them. 10-9 Jones.

Round 2: Machida gets his timing down, finds his Kyo and counters a Jones hook with a left down the pipe. It does immediate damage but stuns Jones more then hurts him, Jones looks for a takedown to recover. Machida grabs his neck and the #1 weakness of the wrestler rears its ugly head again as Lyoto drops down for a tight jumping guard guillotine. Jones fights, Lyoto squeezes, Jones taps.

"I am so a happy to be here, thank of you everybody. Like i said last time, if you have a dream in your life, go ahead! Go hard! Its Possible! Once a again the Dragon is the a Champion!"


The rivers of Sherdog will flow red with the blood of Butt-Hurt Jones fans claiming fluke and that Machida didnt deserve his title shot with only a 1-2 record in his last 3.

The dams of MMA Mania will burst with similarly butt-hurt Shogun fans, furious that the Dragon has reclaimed the belt while their precious Rua is on a 1-2 slide having been dropped at least once in 2 of his last 3 fights.

Me? I will be swallowed whole in the midst of Machida Era 2 comments and recs of Karate Kitten Fighters.


But do not weep my loss. For i fell a worthy cause. Noted patriot and historian Thomas Payne once said "I regret i have but one life to give for the Yoshizo Machida dojo." he would later follow up that famous quote by saying "Hey, hey, hey, hey, drink pee every day"


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