This week at MMA MAnia (12/4-12/10)


Hello everyone and welcome back to my weekly series showcasing some of the original content at MMA Mania in the past week that you might have missed out on.

No need for a silly feud, and as a long time member of both sites, a co-host of Bloody Elbow Radio and a writer for Mania, I'm more than happy to tread the county line and deliver you plenty of extra reading material in case you were in need of some.

I'll include a link as well as a snippet from each interview/article.

Without further ado:

Nik Lentz submitted 'sweaty' Brock Lesnar then got thrown across the room WWE-style (by Gerry Rodriguez)

"I did roll with him one time and number one, it was really gross because the dude sweats like a ridiculous amount so I was just covered in Brock Lesnar sweat, like just dripping in his own sweat but then he was kinda messing around and I jumped on a guillotine and I wound up eventually tapping him out and then he actually got kinda angry and the next time that we started, he just picked me up above his head WWE-style and like threw me across the room so that was the end of my training with Brock. I got him one time. I jumped on the guillotine because he wasn't ready for it and I choked him out and then after that I got thrown across the room."


Jon Jones' first UFC fight (by Sergio Hernandez)

It almost didn't happen.

It would be great if the story behind Jones' debut was that Joe Silva or even Dana White saw footage of this young phenom and saw the potential for a future champ. However, what makes for an even more interesting story if the real reason "Bones" stepped inside the Octagon against André Gusmão.

He was the last minute replacement for an injured fighter.


Interview with UFC 140's John Makdessi (by myself)

Brian Hemminger: You've built this reputation as this terrific striker. I know you're a well-rounded guy, but with having a taekwondo, a karate and a kickboxing background, how have you been able to transition to mixed martial arts so well and use those attacks so effectively where so many others have failed?

John Makdessi: Well, I don't really train my kicks or those martial arts that much anymore. I have so many coaches that I work with. Right now, as we're speaking, I'm about to work my boxing, my Muay Thai and I work my wrestling and grappling. Those are the four main training that I do and I think it's because of that mix, it allows everything else to come out in the fight because I have no fear where the fight goes because I train in everything every day.


Nostradumbass picks UFC 140 (by Jesse Holland)

The big story heading into tomorrow night's mixed martial arts (MMA) extravaganza surrounds the invincible warrior known as Jon Jones. There hasn't been a fighter to date to give him any kind of resistance, or even make him break a sweat.

Will Lyoto Machida be that guy?


Interview with Nik Lentz (by myself, Ben Thapa and Gerry Rodriguez)

Brian Hemminger: In a similar light, I know you do a lot of other things to keep your mind occupied. You play a lot of video games and other things. Is it really important to you to have an escape from MMA because I know some fighters, they're whole life is nothing but MMA. Is it really important for you to be able to separate MMA and real life?

Nik Lentz: Yeah, definitely. When I'm done training for the day, let's say I train from 8 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon, after 2 in the afternoon, I don't think about MMA at all. I mean I think about it, but I try to eliminate all the rest of the thinking. When I get there, I'm very focused, it's like a 100 percent job, but once I leave, I've done all the work at the gym and it stays there. I use video games, anime, things to keep me distracted from thinking about it all the time because if you think about it too much, it's gonna be a distraction, it's gonna hurt you and it's not gonna be fun anymore so you definitely need those built-in distractions and I think the people who don't have them get really burnt out.


AintNoSunshine was at it again with some terrific "Ultimate Submissions" work

Defining a well-rounded grappler (part one)


Don't forget to check out Sergio Hernandez's "History in the Making" series

Chan Sung Jung and Leonard Garcia go to war

Tito Ortiz fends off retirement with submission of Ryan Bader


Also, from the fanposts there is a pro and anti-Brock Lesnar movement going on. You can choose your side:

The Brock Lesnar Pain Train (by Deuce02)

The Anti Brock Movement (by OJR)


And lastly, MMAmania reader hairybumcrack offers many tips to those of you that are looking to start writing fanposts

Proper Fanpost Tips for Maximum Effect


Thanks and I'll see you guys next week!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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