Fights to be made after UFC 138


Mark Munoz: Rousimar Palhares.

Sonnen is going to fight Anderson next, like it or not.  If Bisping beats Mayhem, I think he's next in-line after Sonnen.  Matching Munoz against Okami will make for a awfully boring fight, Vitor is fighting Rumble next, and Maia just "lost" to Munoz...thus we are left with the one and only PaulHarris. It also gives both guys a chance to get a big win and still have time to get another fight in, before getting a shot.

Renan Barao: Miguel Torres.

In a perfect world, the UFC would match Barao up with a guy like Demetrious Johnson, or Benevidez, to see if he's really a top 5 fighter.  But by doing that, the UFC would risk one of their stars-in-the-making losing.  Giving Barao a fight with Torres will guarantee fireworks, and also allows for a fight against a bigger name opponent with a very similar style. This would all go to waste if Torres loses against Nick Pace on November 19th, which in that case, I would have him fight Michael McDonald.

Thiago Alves: Paulo Thiago.

Although the win over Papy Abedi was impressive, his loss to Rick Story is to fresh in my head to consider him a top 10 WW again.  I'd like to see him fight Thiago, mostly because Thiago does his best to put on exciting fights, but he's been feed a steady diet of fighters who prefer to take him down over and over again.  A fight with Alves would allow both fighters to try to implement their totally different game plan, and still keep the fight exciting.

Anthony Perosh: Ronny Markes.

Markes is a best, plain and simple.  He came in on short notice and out wrestled Karlos Vemola ( a 6 time Czech National Champ) in rout to a dominating win.  He's only 22 years old, and hopefully the UFC can bring him along at the proper speed so that he doesn't get tossed into any fights he isn't ready for.  This match up is pretty favorable for Markes, but as a almost-40 year old LHW, Perosh shouldn't be expecting to many favorable matchups for the rest of his career.

Terry Etim:  Paul Sass.

Etim is a very confusing fighter.  Some times he looks like a top 10 fighter, then other times he looks like he's still a rookie.  Its hard to believe that Etim has fought in the UFC 9 times already (with a record of 6-3).  He's always an exciting fighter, with a very good stand up game, and a submission game in which his record will speak for (12 of his 15 wins are by subs).   All that said...he's still a prospect.  Sass is also a very good grappler, with a 12-0 record, 11 wins by sub (8 by triangle, 3 by heel hook).  A fight between the two could be either very one sided if Etim was able to keep it on the feet, or a hell of a grappling match if Sass is able to get it to the ground.

John Maguire: Papy Abedi.

Maybe this is me being lazy, but I actually think this is a good match up. Maguire is now 1-0 in the UFC, and Abedi is 0-1, but his fight was a much higher profile fight.  Abedi has the charisma, look, and skills to be a huge fan favorite, and a fight against a guy like Maguire would be a good fight, with a win from Maguire putting him at 2-0 and a win for Abedi gets him back on track.

Philip De Fries: Oli Thompson.

Assuming the UFC goes back to the UK in 2012, they should book a match that was originally supposed to happen.  De Fries looks like he can be a problem on the ground, but really wasn't able to get too close in any sub attempts against Broughton.  Giving him another UFC new comer makes sense, hopefully giving the hometown fans someone to cheer for.

Michihiro Omigawa: Bart Palaszewski.

Omigawa is now 1-2 in the UFC, but he really should be 2-1.  He' still not back in the top 10 yet, but giving him a fight with a guy coming off of the biggest win of his career would be a benefit to both fighters.  Palaszewski is a fighter who's always a gamer, but has been totaly inconsistent throughout his whole career.  Hopefully moving down to 145 gives him some stability, but its doubtful. 

Che Mills: Erik Silva.

Mills, a UFC newcomer, destroyed a overly matched Chris Cope (who will probably be over-match against everyone in the UFC that wasn't on the same season of TUF as he was).  A fight against Erik Silva, who also destroyed his opponent in his octagon debut would guarantee a fast KO or some great stand up at least.  A win over the other would give both guys a huge career boost.

Chris Cariaso: Damacio Page.

I feel embarrassed.  Casiaro has now had 5 fights under the Zuffa banner, and I haven't seen one.  It appears as though he's a tough fighter with his losses coming to the fighters at the upper echelon of the division. Page is coming off of two straight losses, both two of the top 5 BW in the world.  A fight between these two would be a good judge to see where each should stand in the rankings.



Chris Leben: Alan Belcher.

At this point in his career, its almost a guarantee that Chris Leben will never fight for the title.  I'd like the UFC give him some fights where he can stand and bang, hopefully get some extra bonus cash, but not get embarrassed either.  Belcher came back from injury and destroyed Jason MacDonald.  Giving him a fight with Leben will give him the opportunity to make a name for himself, and add to his resume.

Brad Pickett: Mike Easton.

Easton, the training partner of Champ Dominic Cruz, burst into the UFC with a 2nd round TKO just a month ago.  Easton comes very heralded with a "win" over former champ Chase Beebe, and a win TUF 14 favorite John Dodson.  In a division desperate for some stars, a fight with Pickett would make-or-break Easton.  Plus, the UFC doesn't want to have an AKA situation on their hands with a guy like Easton moving up to a top 5 ranking, while refusing to fight his teammate in Cruz.

Papy Abedi: John Maguire.

Like I said above, this is a fight that works well for both guys.  Maguire has the chance to get a win over a closely ranked opponent, but a guy that also just fought on the main card of a numbered UFC event.  Abedi gets the chance to get a win under the UFC banner and get back on track to fighting the upper echelon of the division.

Cyrille DIabate: Fabio Maldonado.

Cyrille Diabate is maybe my least favorite LHW in the UFC.  All we hear about when he fights in his technique and precision and whatever.  He's a good striker, but its almost like he doesn't care when he fights.  He's so relaxed that its annoying.  Maldonado is coming off of a close decision loss to Kyle Kingsbury, in which he punished "Kingsbu" with body shots the whole fight.  Both are talented strikers, so I'm pretty sure someone will get knocked out.

Edward Faaloloto: Cut.

His career record is 2-3 with an 0-3 UFC record... He doesn't belong in the UFC.  Plus his name is too damn hard to pronounce.

Justin Edwards: Cut.

Honestly, I didn't find his fight with John Maguire to be as exciting as everyone made it out to be, but thats just me.  He's 1-2 in the UFC, with his only win coming in a close decision to a UFC newcomer.

Rob Broughton: Cut...but if not, Christian Moorecraft.

Broughton is another guy who should probably get cut, but probably wont.  He's 1-2 in the UFC with 2 straight losses in 2 months.  But because he filled in on really short notice, he'll probably get a 1 fight grace period before he gets cut.  Outside of Oli Thompson and Phil De Fries, Moorecraft is the lowest ranked HW in the UFC that I can think of, so I'll let these two fight to see who sticks around and who doesn't.

Jason Young: Leonard Garcia.

I really like Jason Young.  He's gotten beat up by the better fighter in two straight fights (Dustin Poirier and Omigawa), but he's also looked good, both times, in defeat.  Giving him a fight against Garcia will give him an opportunity to fight a guy with stand up skills more on his level, and it will also give Leonard a good shot at getting his 5th FOTN bonus. 

Chris Cope: Cut.

No way this guy should be fighting in the UFC.  I don't care what anyone says, he doesn't have the skills, athleticism, or stamina to beat anyone in the UFC welterweight division.

Vaughan Lee: Charlie Valencia.

Another British fighter that I know nothing about.  He put on a good scrap with Cariaso, and if he doesn't get cut, a fight with Valencia would give both these guys a chance to get a much needed win.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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