BE Civil War- UFC 138 Results

Ok- so here are  the results for 138.  As we all expected, the event was a tough one and overall scores were way down.  However, I can't help but feel like something's missing from this post.... what could it be?  Nothing seems to be ringing a bell... wait, it had something to do with self named champs or something... did I remember to autograph Jon Jones non-replica title belt?  No, I did that.  Oh yeah- lowell, get off yer goldbricking ass and post your team's scores in the comments.  I'm not gonna let the rest of these fine, upstanding gents have to wait until another Tuesday.  I'm still waiting on my new computer to arrive, so as of right now I'm still in this fucking virtual purgatory.  Did you guys know that people talk while making eye contact in the real world?  Live and learn, I guess.  Send me a friend request on My Face, I'm getting lonely. 

One more thing- and I'm gonna get serious now- he've had another 2 deserters this week- Luke Nelson and milk72.  Please, for the love of Ben Henderson, if you doubt your ability/interest to get through the rest of the season, go the fuck away.  Now.  I don't want you here if you don't want to be here.  Just stop being assholes and missing events.  Really.  I'll pick reserves ASAP and you can go your merry way.  If you're missing events at this point, it's cause you just stopped giving a shit- fair enough.  But I'll guarantee that at least 12 of your teammates and captains haven't stopped giving a shit, so be fair to them.  Get out with your dignity, admit that you're a short attention spanned sally-boy and get yourself replaced- like a real man. 

Note- I'll post overall standings tomorrow, after lowell gets his scores in.  Also, I've been alerted that I may have fucked them up.  Will anyone volunteer to take a look at the overall standings from the beginning and let me know if I did?  I'd really appreciate it. 

New BE Civil War members:

Replacing Luke Nelson on BAU is pelvicthrust.

Replacing milk72 is WeAllHateCaleb. 


MDH- 69

pridedaze09- 65

pistonhyundai- 55

Joben- 48

JDH- 46

Balrog- 45

TitanFan2K- 44

19Miles- 44

Imaginary Enemy- 42

KingatRock- 39

Noahwob- 36

SSReporters- 34

OurBovinePublic- 33

Pookie Gnome- 31

milk72 (I knew I fucked up picking him so high)- 0 (31)

Total- 662


Spinning Fish:

bonesthebaptist -  62
HorseloverFat (c) -  55
afrotikiman -   54
Montefisto -  54
chris81203 - 50
Memitim - 50
inadvertantgroinstrike (Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist) - 47
SteveevaD -  42
Ulf_Murphy – 39
wonderfulspam - 39
sday420 - 38
DarkCarnival220 -  36
bodytriangle -  33
ludakrish -  32
EmptyThoughts -  24

TOTAL =  655



manch1ld - 82
crazybones - 62
ThomasFlynn - 50
zakkree - 49
Snatchl - 48
Andy Davis - 47
lanky6 - 46
Fedorable - 45
cmons - 40
Shotokanman (doctorjekyll) - 40
NaciremaDream - 38
FightingFighting - 35
KMcCaig (slimdigg) - 29
StevenGiles - 28
dgonz - 16

Total - 655



Rollo - 76
Tim Bernier - 59
Hendo One-Shot - 58
LBO - 54
halitosis - 43
av1o3 - 41
IKilled007 - 41
hardy'sinyourface - 38
StiffJab - 37
Fedornuthugger - 34
Kaleb - 33
Sam Cuppitt - 28
TCEngel - 24
Farthammer - 24
Luke Nelson - 0 (Didn't pick, thought I'd clarify, because with these scores, a 0 isn't entirely unbelievable, so 24 points)

Total - 614

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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