Before I go any further .. I have to address that whatever I am relaying to you is simply a rumor. A rumor of a rumor if you will. I only say that because I have a friend that KNOWS a guy that works for the UFC in some capacity. And well, I say rumor of a rumor because who knows how much of the original story or well truthy-ness of it all has strayed ...

Ok well now that THAT is out of the way let me continue...

From what I've been told, is that there is no coincidence that the Pride feature in the new UFC game is being hyped, as well as the due date being moved to Feb. That behind the scenes, Dana and Co. have been hush hush about it, and have told the fighters to basically not say anything publicly about it as well, but that they are seriously trying to push for a complete nod to the old Pride days with the Japan event. Well minus the head stomps etc etc .. but are going all out. Supposedly making it as close as possible to a full on old Pride fighter card (think Brazil card w/ all the Brazilian fighters). This is why at first the card was going to be a "lead in", so that back home they could do their usual promoting of the up and comers, and featuring the new school guys. Apparently when that idea was scrapped, and the focus shifted to an all Japan event rather than 2 in one day, it was more to strengthen the Pride event with the addition of the new guys as well, and in not some disrespectful wang measuring contest way .. but in a tasteful homage.

Honestly, I mean its kinda obvious they will put some of the old Pride fighters on the card, but I dont really believe that they are doing some kind of nod to Pride. But it got me thinking .. how cool would that be ..?

if the UFC actually said "F IT"  just this one time, and allowed stomps, crazy entrances, and all the other spectacular madness that made up our beloved Pride FC?

I mean I know it wouldnt happen in a million years .. but damn
a guy can dream right? (no pun intended)

(oh btw I told my buddy right off the bat he was full of it .. or his guy actually and pointed out the fact that many of the fighters are already booked to fight before then .. which he didnt know.. so thats not really the focus of this FP. Its mostly to imagine the UFC going the way of Pride in its rules and everything else just this once.... there was some other stuff he told me too which I cant really recall ATM but w/e .. it sounded like crap anyway or more like tinfoil hat material)

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