Taking A Look: The Consensus Top 25 Lightweight Rankings

I'm here to give my two cents on the various details of the SB Nation / USA Today top 25 Consensus Lightweight rankings. Should be tons O fun, you can check out my thoughts on the higher weight classes the usual way, clicking my name and looking for's not that hard...but then again, they aren't really all that amazing, I pretty much just state the obvious...or at least what I personally consider to be obvious. Anywho, let's get down to it.

  1.  Frankie Edgar - UFC
  2. Gilbert Melendez - Strikeforce
  3. Gray Maynard - UFC
  4. Eddie Alvarez - Bellator
  5. Ben Henderson - UFC - Tied at #4
  6. Shinya Aoki - Dream
  7. Clay Guida - UFC
  8. Jim Miller - UFC
  9. Anthony Pettis - UFC
  10. Dennis Siver - UFC
  11. Melvin Guillard - UFC
  12. Nate Diaz - UFC
  13. Donald Cerrone - UFC
  14. B.J. Penn - UFC
  15. Joe Lauzon - UFC
  16. Sean Sherk - UFC
  17. Evan Dunham - UFC
  18. Rafael dos Anjos - UFC
  19. Gleison Tibau - UFC
  20. Matt Wiman - UFC
  21. Jorge Masvidal - UFC
  22. Sam Stout - UFC
  23. Josh Thomson - Strikeforce
  24. Tatsuya Kawajiri - Dream
  25. Kenny Florian - UFC

Zuffa dominance comes first, because that's just how it works. 19 of the top 25 LWs are with the UFC. Another 3 are with Strikeforce. So as a whole, Zuffa has 22 of the top 25 LWs. Impressive.

#4 Eddie Alvarez - A 7 fight win streak over guys who are not all that great at all, none of which were even in the top 15, does not make you the #4 LW in the world. No way, I buy him as legit top 10, and he COULD be #4...but the fact of the matter is that he has not beaten a tough enough slate of competition recently to justify that.

#6 Shinya Aoki - YES! FINALLY! Shinya Aoki is out of the top 5, and here's hoping he frikkin stays there. The scrubs he has been beating up on a of late are not the guys a top 5 fighter should be fighting to justify his ranking. Now if we can just get Mr. Alvarez out of the top 5 as well.

Bellator is currently trying to put together a match between these two, which is the most relevant non-Zuffa LW fight that could be put together. But Alvarez has to beat Chandler first, and if Chandler were to win and ruin that plan...well that would just be hilarious. Not only does it stop the big 'lets plan ahead' fight of Alvarez vs Aoki, but it also shows just how not amazing Alvarez is by losing to a guy who right now is not even in the top 25.

#10 Dennis Siver was just upset by currently #13 Donald Cerrone - Look for Cerrone to jump up into his deserved place in the rankings for the next round of updates.

#11 Melvin Guillard lost to then unranked Joe Lauzon at 136 - Lauzon has since been bumped to #15...which is crazy, but again, I think the effects of his huge upset simply haven't been felt yet...look for him to jump up where he belongs, like Cowboy, in the next update.

#14 BJ Penn - He hasn't fought at LW since August of 2010, and is currently contemplating retirement...courtesy of Nick Diaz. I don't see why he is still so highly regarded at this weight class. Sure, we can 'what if' all we want about who he could still beat...but the fact of the matter is he hasn't, and he MAY not...ever again.

#21 Jorge Masvidal has a huge opportunity to pull off a massive upset against #2 Gilbert Melendez...I just don't see it happening.

#24 Tatsuya Kawajiri - Is fighting at Featherweight now, get him out of the top 25.

#25 Kenny Florian - Was gifted with an 'announcement of my return to the division' rankings bump. Florian has done quite a lot, he's fought for a UFC title 3 times. Sure, he failed on all 3 times, but there are some fighters that never fight for a he has nothing to hang his head about. He will likely switch to the 'I just want big, exciting matchups' mentality and look to take his career one fight at a time.

Well, that's it for now, I'll be getting to the FW and BW rankings soon enough.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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