The Final Chapter

A lot of other things come along with Chapter 11, which basically end up in a lot of pain. 
Rick Wagoner 


The Final Chapter in a book, we all look forward too. The Final Chapter in the life of a MMA fighter we pretend didn't happen. 


Subject #1 Royce Gracie



The style that launched thousands of academies. Inspired every little man and put worry in every big man.

Instantly exploding on to the scene and winning championships and declaring himself the best fighter alive at any weight class was Royce Gracie. 


13 years later at the conclusion of his UFC career, he spent it face down on a canvas taking HUGhE ammo. 




Subject #2 Randy Couture



Captain America is a 5 time champion in 2 different weight classes. He inspired men of any age to take up the challenge to stay active and pursue their dreams. 



His last supper of choice was Lyoto Machida. You must have a mature pallet to enjoy such a meal. Much like all the men before him to enjoy their last supper from Jesus to Ted Bundy, the outcome is already written in the tablets of time.




Subject #3 Chuck Liddell



Once named the most dangerous man, the Ice Man has knocked out 12 of his 29 opponents. With four successful title defenses, he had the last big run at light heavyweight. 


The man finished his career on the receiving end of 3 brutal KO's.




So while their final MMA chapter is written, my question to B.E. is as follows:

From the current list of UFC Champions which fighter could you see ending their career as someone else's highlight?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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