Which MMA Fighters have Signature "Video Game Moves?"


So while watching Roy Nelson put his signature belly crucifix on Cro Cop at UFC 138, I started to wonder which other MMA fighters have such a signature, video game-style move. I'm talking about a move that is so unique to the fighter that if somebody else did it, you'd be like, "oh that's (so and so's) move, and you're doing it wrong." A classic example would be the Chuck Liddell overhand right. Lots of people can throw an overhand, but nobody throws it like Chuck, and if they do it's nowhere near as deadly. Note that by "signature move," I don't just mean something that somebody's good at, like "Jose Aldo has good leg kicks" or "Fabricio Werdum has a good triangle." It has to be a move wholly unique to that fighter or a standard move that the fighter does in a completely unique and/or uniquely effective way. The fighter should have hit it multiple times (or hit it once in a very prominent way, such as the Pettis kick), and one that will score MAJOR points if not finish the fight if landed.


Here's a list I came up with:


Roy Nelson-- belly crucifix

Alistair Overeem-- standing guillotine

Fedor-- armbar

CroCop-- left headkick

Jon Jones-- spinning back elbow, lateral drop

Quinton Jackson-- power slam

Dan Henderson-- "H-bomb," or whatever the fuck we're supposed to call it

Roger Gracie-- full mount

Anderson Silva-- the forrest griffin punch, the belfort kick, rich franklin thai clinch

Wanderlei Silva-- soccer kick

Rousimar Palhares-- heel hook

GSP-- superman punch, double leg

Nick Diaz-- 'the swarm'

BJ Penn-- rear naked choke

Matt Hughes-- the Trigg slam

Shinya Aoki-- reverse gogoplata, neck crank from back control, the 'Hirota hammerlock'

Anthony Pettis-- showtime kick

Cody McKenzie-- McKenzietine

Hatsu Hioki-- triangle from mount

Urijah Faber-- spinning back elbow (just kidding)

Ronda Rousey-- armbar


Feel free to add more if anybody can think of them.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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