Boxing News and Notes 11/27: Canelo Wins and Calls Out Mayweather, Arce Wins Another Title, Ron Lyle Passes Away

Our weekly rundown of boxing news kicks off on a very sad note. Former heavyweight championship contender Ron Lyle passed away Saturday morning.

Raised by a father who was a preacher and a mother who was a missionary, Lyle ended up screwing up the early part of his life after involvement in the murder of a gang member. The Denver Post talks about the moment when Lyle turned it around:

"(My mother) died a saint. The things I did broke her heart," Lyle told The Post in 1994. "When I was in prison, my mother traveled in the snow to see me. So I decided I would do something to make her proud. I decided to become heavyweight champion of the world."

Lyle would never reach that goal, losing a fight to Muhammad Ali in 1975 after Ali stopped him in the 11th round of a fight Lyle led on two scorecards. Lyle rebounded with a sixth round TKO of Ernie Shavers four months later before meeting George Foreman in one of the greatest heavyweight brawls of all time. Here's the video, I urge you to give it a watch:

Lyle helped train young men for much of his late life, especially through the Cox & Lyle Salvation Army boxing program which helped train up men for the life ahead just as much as it did boxing.

Rest of the week's results after the jump.

  • Saul "Canelo" Alvarez dominated Kermit Cintron last night on HBO's Boxing After Dark. Cintron is well shot and a shell of his former self and hasn't looked like a motivated fighter in years. While Kermit didn't follow his M.O. of looking for a way out once things got tough, he had nothing for Canelo once the 21-year-old turned up the heat. Cintron tried to fight back but was visibly affected by every punch that landed and the referee stopped the fight in the fifth.
  • Following the fight, Alvarez called out Floyd Mayweather saying he wanted the fight in May. Mayweather already has the May 5 date set for his next fight and as crazy as it may sound, Alvarez has the popularity and name to be Floyd's best non-Pacquiao option. At such a young age it would not be a career killer for him to lose to the best in the world, so there is a really decent chance of this actually happening.
  • Adrien Broner knocked Martin Rodriguez out in violent fashion in the third round of the HBO broadcast opener and Gary Russell Jr. did the same to Heriberto Ruiz in the first round. Both knockouts were brutal "knockout of the year" level endings, but both fights were horrible mismatches that never should have happened. Broner and Russell are big-time young talents who were given bad opponents in a shameful display. You can't learn anything from fights like these.
  • One of the best action fighters on the planet, Jorge Arce, won a world title in his fourth different weight class as he took a decision over Angky Angkotta in his usual gutsy brawl that was harder than it should have been. Arce claims an interim title as a world title also to say that he has won world titles in five weight classes, but interim titles don't count.

Much more info on the weekend's events can be found over at Bad Left Hook.

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