Hypothetical Matchups: BJ Penn vs. Melvin Guillard

Hey guys, I'm bored. So, in my boredom, I decided to make something I think is cool. I will be making fake play-by-play for fights that could be cool, that are fights we may never see. I'd like for you guys to tell me whether or not you'd actually enjoy reading more of these though. That said, here's the first one:


Melvin Guillard vs. BJ Penn: 

Clips start playing of both fighters. Penn discusses the lack of desire in his previous fights, and says he's brought in more trainers that would push him harder. He has worked to become a stronger, more athletic fighter. Highlight reel of Penn, followed by a reel of devastating shots by Guillard. Guillard speaks of his vast improvements throughout his career, his newfound composure, his tighter boxing, and his respect for opponents. Clips from his training camp roll, and he says he's worked to improve his cardio, an area he thinks he can beat BJ in easily. The clips go away and Guillard makes his entrance. Bouncing up and down, paying no attention to the fans wanting their high-fives, but looking straight at the cage. Nodding as the ref checks him, he hugs his team mates as Greg Jackson whispers in his ear quickly. Guillard hops into the cage and starts jumping around and gets acclimated to the cage. The lights dim, and Penn's walkout music comes on. Penn looks dazed, but intense. He and his camp are running to the cage, and he goes into the cage without looking at his corner at all. He runs past Guillard, both nodding, ready for war. The intro begins, and the ref, Herb Dean asks the fighters if they're ready. Both fighters nod, and the fight begins.

Round 1: Both fighters rush to the center of the cage, no touching of the gloves. Guillard throwing lots of feints, Penn with head movement. Big swings by Guillard, Penn throws a counter right to the body and it makes Guillard rethink his range. Guillard lands two, three jabs flush as Penn plods forward. HUGE knee by Guillard to the body, Penn shakes it off and keeps on going. Guillard opens up with combos, and backs Penn up against the cage. He clinches and throws short hooks to the head and body. He separates with a big knee. Penn throws an awkward body kick, and starts changing levels a lot. He lands a left and a right hook flush to Guillard's chin, and digs a hard left body shot. Guillard throws straight punches while moving in and out quickly. Penn shoots a single as Guillard throws a knee in the last minute of the round. Guillard scoots to the cage and wall walks and throws hammerfists at BJ when he gets to his feet. The two separate as the round closes. The round should be 10-9 Guillard

Guillard rushes to his corner, and Jackson tells him to keep his guard up, that BJ is looking for counters. He tells Guillard he's going to make BJ tired at this pace, and to keep it up. 

Penn walks calmly to his corner and is told that he can win the clinch battles. His corner tells him to be more aggressive and that Guillard is capitalizing on his unwillingness to engage in big exchanges. His corner tells him he has the better chin, and that he should be willing to get hit if he wants to get the KO.

Round 2: Both fighters plod forward, and touch gloves in the middle of the octagon. Penn comes forward with punch after punch, and Guillard is jumping backwards, but gets clipped. Penn has him pressured against the fence, and Guillard is moving his head well to avoid punches. Guillard lashes out with a right straight and backs up Penn. Guillard lands leg kicks now, Penn doesn't seem to like that. Guillard grabs Penn in a single collar tie and lands uppercuts and knees against the fence. Penn turns him around and shoots a double against the cage. Guillard defends well, but Penn lifts him off his feet in an amazing effort. Even still, Guillard won't go down, he separates one foot from Penn and bounces on it until Penn gives up the takedown. Penn tags Guillard again, and Guillard is on rocked. He falls back, feet up to intercept Penn. Two minutes left in the round. Penn passes the legs to get into side control. Penn lands great elbows and one cuts Guillard open. Penn looks to be setting up an arm triangle, but the round is almost over. Penn tries to pass over to complete the choke, but Guillard explodes and ends up on top for some short punches as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Penn.

Guillard hustles over to his corner, and Greg tells him to shake it off. He says Guillard had his moments in that round, and he should continue to do what he was winning originally at, and throwing straight power punches. Guillard says that Penn won't be able to get him down. Greg tells him to throw more knees, and to push the pace, Penn is fading fast.

Penn's corner looks ecstatic about the round, and says that he has to keep it up. They tell him he's trained too hard for him to give it up in the third, and that it's one round apiece. They say to get him down and submit him and that Guillard is vulnerable. Penn looks pumped for the last round.

Round 3: Penn rushes forward at Guillard and quickly pushes him to the fence. Guillard looks distraught, but he turns it around quickly. Punch, punch, knee, and Penn's body is hurt. Guillard lands punches to the face while Penn is defending his stomach. Guillard rips an uppercut on Penn's body that backs him into the fence. Guillard separates and taunts BJ to meet him in the middle. BJ accepts and trades with Guillard in the center of the octagon. A big right straight to the body lands for Guillard, and has BJ reeling. Guillard looks for a takedown, but his corner screams at him to not go for it. Guillard lands an uppercut on Penn's chin and misses on a flying knee. Leg kicks again by Guillard, and BJ has slowed horribly. Two and a half minutes remain, and Penn is gassed. Guillard lands a lead left hook flush. Guillard is landing jabs consistently, and Penn's face is looking a little busted up, a rarity for him. Penn plods forward and attacks with wide hooks. Guillard easily darts away. More leg kicks by Guillard, and Penn is looking done for. Melvin lands a brutal knee to the body, which is grabbed by Penn and used for a takedown. Guillard initiates a scramble and ends up on top with thirty seconds left. He lands elbow after elbow and hammerfist after hammerfist, with Herb Dean looking closely at the action. The round ends, and Guillard runs around the cage with his hands high, and meets his cornermen with a hug. Penn slouches over to his corner, and looks sad, discussing where he went wrong. 10-8 Guillard.

The two meet in the center for the decision, and Guillard is pumped. Scores read off are: 28-28 (which draws many boos from the crowd), 30-27 Guillard, and 30-26 Guillard.


So, I enjoyed writing this, but I'd like your feedback. Answer the poll below, and if you want any two fighters for another one of these pieces, feel free to tell me.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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