Expected Rankings Updates - Middleweight, Welterweight, and Lightweight

The next round of SB Nation / USA Today Top 25 MMA Consensus rankings should be coming out within the next week or so. It seems worth it to look at the rankings as they stand now, mention any rankings upsets that occurred....and talk about things that could or SHOULD be fixed next time.


  1. Anderson Silva
  2. Chael Sonnen
  3. Yushin Okami
  4. Mark Munoz
  5. Vitor Belfort
  6. Demian Maia
  7. Michael Bisping
  8. Brian Stann
  9. Nate Marquardt
  10. Luke Rockhold
  11. Ronaldo Souza
  12. Hector Lombard
  13. Chris Leben
  14. Alan Belcher
  15. Tim Kennedy
  16. Rousimar Palhares
  17. Jorge Santiago
  18. Wanderlei Silva
  19. Mamed Khalidov
  20. Robbie Lawler
  21. Chris Weidman
  22. Yoshihiro Akiyama
  23. Dan Henderson
  24. Dan Miller
  25. Tim Boetsch

Rankings Upsets

None...there was not a single rankings upset in this division in the last month...everyone who was higher then the person they fought defeated the person they fought.

What could/should change?

#7 Michael Bisping...can someone name the a top 10 opponent that he has ever beaten at middleweight? He's over-rated in my eyes

#9 Nate Marquardt should finally drop from the rankings. The dude hasn't fought since March, his next fight isn't until February(I believe) and it's going to be at reason for him to be in these rankings.

#17 Jorge Santiago - I feel like he really shouldn't be in the top 25...or at least should be lower. #18 Wanderlei Silva would take him and his weak chin out pretty quickly.

#20 Robbie Lawler would get taken down and subbed by #21 Chris Weidman SO fast...

#22 Yoshihiro Akiyama - Moving down to Welterweight, has lost 3 straight fights...probably shouldn't be in the top 25

Now onto Welterweight

  1. Georges St-Pierre
  2. Jon Fitch
  3. Carlos Condit
  4. Josh Koscheck
  5. Nick Diaz
  6. Jake Ellenberger
  7. Jake Shields
  8. B.J. Penn
  9. Rick Story
  10. Anthony Johnson
  11. Thiago Alves
  12. Diego Sanchez
  13. Rory MacDonald
  14. Charlie Brenneman
  15. Martin Kampmann
  16. Paulo Thiago
  17. Tyron Woodley
  18. Ben Askren
  19. Johny Hendricks
  20. Jay Hieron
  21. Brian Ebersole
  22. John Hathaway
  23. Mike Pyle
  24. Dong Hyun Kim
  25. Matt Hughes

Rankings Upsets

#9 Rick Story lost to #15 Martin Kampmann

What could/should change?

I expect Diaz to get a bit of a 'You are fighting GSP next' bump

I don't think Kampmann will leapfrog right to Story's spot...but however it shakes out, Story should be below Brenneman, who should be below Anthony Johnson. Kampmann must also be above Story.

Now for Lightweight

  1. Frankie Edgar
  2. Gilbert Melendez
  3. Gray Maynard
  4. Eddie Alvarez
  5. Ben Henderson (tied at #4)
  6. Shinya Aoki
  7. Clay Guida
  8. Jim Miller
  9. Anthony Pettis
  10. Dennis Siver
  11. Melvin Guillard
  12. Nate Diaz
  13. Donald Cerrone
  14. B.J. Penn
  15. Joe Lauzon
  16. Sean Sherk
  17. Evan Dunham
  18. Rafael dos Anjos
  19. Gleison Tibau
  20. Matt Wiman
  21. Jorge Masvidal
  22. Sam Stout
  23. Josh Thompson
  24. Tatsuya Kawajiri
  25. Kenny Florian

Rankings Upsets

#4 Eddi Alvarez lost to unranked Michael Chandler

#10 Dennis Siver lost to #13 Donald Cerrone

#18 Rafael dos Anjos lost to #19 Gleison Tibau

What could/should change?

Well, Eddie Alvarez and Ben Henderson are tied in the rankings, Henderson just beat #7 Clay Guida while Alvarez lost to a guy not even in the top 25. So first thing, move Ben Henderson above Alvarez. NEXT, I think losing to someone outside of the top 25 is really telling regarding whether you are are aren't top 5. Alvarez isnt. What top 5-10 fighters did he beat to get that ranking? What amazing thing did he do to be ranked above Aoki? Who beat him?

Alvarez should be somewhere in the 10-15 range with Chandler one place above him.

#13 Donald Cerrone should move above #10 Dennis Siver

The rankings still don't account for #11 Melvin Guillard losing to then unranked Joe Lauzon...Lauzon only sits at #15.

#16 Sean Sherk hasn't fought in over a year, and has no fight booked for the coming months...hard to feature him in the rankings....especially so high in a spot he can't defend having.

#18 Tibau and #19 Dos Anjos swap places

#24 Tatsuya Kawajiri moved down to Featherweight...get him out of the top 25 LW rankings.

Be back tomorrow with Featherweight and Bantamweight

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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