BE Civil War Results- UFC 139

Hooooo Doggy!  How bout that shit last night!?  My testicles are still pumping man drugs into my brain!  Wait...that sounded kinda wier.... well, moving on.  There are a few things to point out about this event:

- The Hot Bout was changed from Kampann-Story to Bonnar-Kingsbury literally moments before the event was locked, despite a 70-30 picks split in our camp (and I can't imagine it was much different site-wide).  This shit cost me 14 points.  Just another reason why I hate the Hot Bout, that fickle slut.

- Spinning Fish takes home their first win of the season... congrats boys. 

-After having control freak Kaleb espousing how "On Fiahh!!!!" his team was during the event (thanks to his checking every team member's picks after every fight), it turns out that they were on fire...and the rest of us extinguished them with our urine as they lost some of their momentum with a last place finish here. 

-Meanwhile, my boys JTT continued our recent run of unspectacular consistency, and closing the gap between us and BAU by almost 100 points, and the 2nd place Pick Em Champs by about 50. We can still take this boys- lets finish strong!

-K-1 had a really nice performance, but were missing that one big score that would have pulled them away from the pack.  This season, their overall score has been anchored by crazybones and lanky6 (I'm coming for you motherfuckers!) and just really solid scores up and down their lineup, but they do remain within striking distance with 2 events remaining in the season. 

-I have to give the performance of the week to Pick Em Champs; however, as despite their fearful leader's best efforts, they kept themselves in it by having a low score of 43, which was counted 3 times due to their 2 new team members (ElliotMatheny and some schmuck in texas) not being informed of entering the comp.  Someone on Pick Em needs to take it upon themselves to tell Eliot to start making picks again and get schmuck set up on PG.  Please let me know who will do it in the comments. 

- In terms of individual performances, my boy Imaginary Enemy gets his first camp win of the season, and pretty much saved JTT's ass. And, as loathe as I am to admit it, Hardy'sinyourface continues his impressive performances, now with 2 scores over 80- and one in the 90's for the season, he's pulled himself into the top 5 in the camp and like Imaginary Enemy, saved BAU from a much worse fate for this event, so congrats to him. 

OK- without further ado- the results:


1) Spinning Fish

afrotikiman -   74
bodytriangle -  71
EmptyThoughts -  71
IvanIllich - 71
HorseloverFat (c) -  67
wonderfulspam - 67
chris81203 - 62
inadvertantgroinstrike (Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist) - 62
Montefisto -  62
ludakrish -  50
sday420 - 47
SteveevaD -  47
Ulf_Murphy – 47
bonesthebaptist -  45
Memitim - 42

TOTAL =  885


2) K-1

dgonz- 81

FightingFighting- 77

StevenGiles- 73

zakree- 71

lanky6- 70

SnatchL- 64

crazybones- 63

cmons- 59

Nacirema Dream- 56

Shotakanman- 55

KmcCaig- 53

ThomasFlynn- 51

Manch1Ld- 45

Fedorable- 39

Andy Davis- 25


Total- 882


3) JTT

Imaginary Enemy- 97

Noahwob- 72

Pookie Gnome- 67

JDH- 65

MDH- 63 (how on earth did you pick Shamar fucking Bailey?)

pridedaze09- 63

OurBovinePublic- 60

19Miles- 58

TitanFan2K- 58

Joben- 56

Balrog- 55

pistonhyundai- 52

ssreporters- 49

kingatrock- 32

WeAllHateCaleb- 28


Total- 873


4) Pick Em

skeebop- 77

duck- 69

alicks- 62

sun yue- 62

zombiehobbes- 61

inthepipes- 56

lowell- 53

krcampbell- 53

mountaineers101- 52

RobertCowen- 50

jeffigatame- 50

tats16- 49

kingofthedogs- 43

EliotMatheny - [43]

some schmuck- [43]


Total- 823


5) BAU

hardysinyourface - 96
Tim Bernier - 74
StiffJab - 62
halitosis - 59
av1o3 - 53
PelvicThrust - 53
Kaleb - 52
Farthammer - 48
Sam Cupitt - 47
Hendo One-Shot - 44
TCEngel - 43
ikilled007- 41

Rollo - 39
LBO - 36
Fedornuthugger - 34
Total - 781



Overall Standings:

1) K-1: 6318 (5436 + 882)

2) Pick Em: 6199 (5376 + 823)

3) BAU: 6136 (5355 + 781)

4) JTT: 6102 (5229 + 873)

5) Spinning Fish- 6049 (5164 + 885)


Captain Standings:

1) JDH- 505

2) Horselover Fat- 487

3) zakree- 476

4) kaleb- 424

5) lowell- 387



2 weeks until the TUF finale, which may feature wildly skewed scores and can be each teams' chance to change their fortunes, get after it you crazy fuckers.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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